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  1. ring0_event

    Unlocking my JB iPhone 6s

    Hi, I have a jailbroken iPhone 6s on 10.0.1, and I do NOT wish to lose my jailbreak. I would also like to get my phone unlocked. Getting the carrier to do that is easy, and merely involves that a small payment be made. However, it appears that based on my past experience with my old iPhone...
  2. ring0_event

    Backing up apps with iTunes

    Hi. OK, I've been living under a rock- aka very busy, and I did not know that Apple has changed the way iTunes backs up applications locally on disk. Every time I try to do a backup, I see that the number of applications stored on disk has not changed; it's constant, despite the fact that I've...
  3. ring0_event

    Hard shutdown (reset) and JB

    Hi, I have a weird situation. When I tried to use PkgBackup, my IP5 (9.02, JB) froze, and I cannot do a shutdown by holding the sleep/wake button for 5 seconds. Searching online, it seems possible to use the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time for a forced shutdown. My...
  4. ring0_event

    "Reset all settings" and JB

    Hello, I have a major battery drain issue on my IP5 on 9.02 (PanGu JB), and I doubt any of my simple tweaks, like Activator, SwipeSelection, CCControls, f.lux, FolderEnhancer, Navigate from maps, PkgBackup, iFile, user agent faker, tsProtector8+ (tried disabling it) are responsible. Under very...
  5. ring0_event

    Patch for message bug?

    Does anyone know if there is a Cydia patch for this insidious message bug:
  6. ring0_event

    Can I upgrade to iOS 7 and run Pangu jailbreak?

    Hello. I have an iPhone5 still on 6.1.2. I missed the previous opportunity to jailbreak iOS7, and now my life is complicated by the fact that my suspend (aka lock) button does not work. So I make my phone suspend by using activator to allow double tap on status bar to lock my device. SO-...
  7. ring0_event

    Transferring Purchases to IP5: iTunes Version?

    I currently have an iPhone 3gs, synced with iTunes My phone is currently on iOS 6.0, and I'm going to buy a new IP5 this weekend to which I'll transfer my purchases. Can I do that with my existing version of iTunes, or must I upgrade to the newer version first (and backup/sync)...
  8. ring0_event

    Does evasi0n still work?

    I know that Apple is about to release 6.1.3, which breaks the jailbreak. This weekend I will buy a new iPhone 5, so I would like to know, will I still be able to jailbreak it? Thanks!
  9. ring0_event

    Tapatalk and "other" forums

    Hi all, Is it possible to use Tapatalk to browse/post the jailbreak forums? They seem to be hidden... Thanks!
  10. ring0_event

    Navigate from Maps: will be ported to iOS 6?

    Anyone have any info on whether navigate from maps will be ported to iOS 6? I have an older phone 3gs, so I really miss this feature as Apple does not implement it for my phone...
  11. ring0_event

    iOS5 and saving email attachments?

    Hi, On 5.01 is seems that the old Cydia app "AttachmentSaver" no longer works. Is there a replacement? TIA!
  12. ring0_event

    Question on 3GS jailbreak

    Hello, I have a 3gs, *new* boot rom, with 4.3.3, jailbroken and unlocked. I've really been out of the loop for a while, so could anyone tell me how to jailbreak 5.01 *and* maintain my unlock? I have access to a Mac at work if need be. Thanks!
  13. ring0_event

    pwnage tool question

    Hi, I just modified an official iOS 4.3.3 firmware file on OSX using pwnage tool, but I have forgotten my Apple USB cable, so I won't be able to do the restore right away on this OSX terminal. I don't have OSX at home, so can I SHIFT restore my 3gs using iTunes 10.2.2 on my Windows PC? Or do I...
  14. ring0_event

    Going from 4.01 (JB) to 4.33 (JB) please

    Hello, I have a 3gs new bootrom with 4.01 installed (JB), and baseband 5.13.04 (unlocked with Ultrasn0w). I have SHSH for 4.2.1 and 4.3.3, so I would like to go to 4.3.3, but I have some questions: a) Jailbreakmatrix does not recommend redsn0w for 3gs 4.3.3 here...
  15. ring0_event

    Will this JB Work?

    Hi. My phone is a 3gs, new bootrom, 3.1.2, JB with blackra1n, unlocked with ultrasn0w. I also have SHSH blobs for 4.0 and 4.01 saved (but not 3.1.2, alas). My first choice would be sn0wbreeze, but there is much tears and gnashing of teeth in that direction...
  16. ring0_event

    Apple applies for patent to kill jailbroken devices

    Any of you guys see this? What do you think? Currently, I have a jailbroken 3GS on 3.1.2, and I'm worried Apple could brick my iPhone...any opinions on the likelihood of this?;mostPopular