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  1. oldschool v3 released.

    Had the same problem and your fix worked. Thx
  2. oldschool

    Mobile Me not verified yet

    I have the same issue...."not verified" on my Ipad but moblie me says I am.
  3. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    I'm happy to report I'm fully operational now. I'm sure I won't be alone with some of these issues so hopefully some will be better prepared than I.
  4. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    This has been a crazy day for me. I went to install snow leopard only to realize snow leopard requires 1gb of ram. I only had 512 mb. Two trips ( i didn't realize my imac had laptop ram) to Frys and I'm updating snow leopard now. im updating hoping this will cause my desktop to recognize my...
  5. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    I found a work around while my software is being brought to me from a friend. I plugged it into my windows laptop but did not sync it to iTunes. It unlocked it (made the connect to iTunes command go away) and now I can use it. On a side note I have tried to reply to threads on here using the...
  6. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    The box says 10.5.8 or later
  7. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    Here I sit with my new IPAD only to find out that it requires 10.5 or newer OS. I do not have snow leopard and I can't buy it online. So off to the Apple Store I must go which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. This sucks but I guess its my fault for not being prepared.
  8. oldschool

    os 3.0 killing my battery life

    I did one better....I just bought a 3gs. They guy asked me if I wanted the extended warranty. I asked him if it would cover the water mark turning pink. Of course he said no so I told him where to stick the extended warranty.
  9. oldschool

    os 3.0 killing my battery life

    sent email to Apple, thx for the link
  10. oldschool

    os 3.0 killing my battery life

    Guess what...same thing happened to me. My phone has never been in water but they told me to pound sand because they said it had. The bottom indicator turned pink but not the top one. Also I synced my phone before I went to bed and left it hooked up to the computer so that it would charge...
  11. oldschool

    2.2.1 Headache and A half

    Guys/Gals I don't come in here often but I hit this thread because ever sense I updated my phone has been slow to respond to the home button or launching apps. It was rock solid before the update. I thought it was interesting that just now it updated my carrier information when I hit check...
  12. oldschool

    Other email options request

    no they have blocked the forward feature too
  13. oldschool

    Other email options request

    I am currently testing Synchronica to access my work emai. My work will not allow me to have push email over the exchange server so I have been tyring this program. it is $60 a year and in like Denmark. I was hoping for an American company. Anyway...any of you in my boat and using a remote...
  14. oldschool

    Why do backups in iTunes take forever?

    How do we delete an old backup file. I too am suffering from the endless backup. I already disabled the send data to Apple and I'm still having issues.
  15. oldschool

    V1 iPhone 8GB for $465!

    Just sold mine as a buy it now on Ebay for 350. I'm wondering if I should have made it higher. Why are they selling for so much? Thee 3g is almost to the point that it will be unlockable like the 1 gen.
  16. oldschool

    Just sold 1gen 8 gig for 350 and don't know how

    Well I couldn't resist and caved to the pressure of buying a new 3g after realizing I could sell my old 8 gig on ebay and upgrade to a new 16 gig with no out of pocket expense. I was told today that my corporate discount will be allowed again so I'm saving 12 dollars a month. At the end of the...
  17. oldschool

    Home button stopped working

    I was checking out a 3g phone tonight at an AT&T store and the phone was stuck on ipod mode. The home button would not respond. I powered it off and back on but made no difference. I laughed and walked out (with v.1 in hand).
  18. oldschool

    Favorite New App?

    Texas Hold'em and remote are my two favorite so far.