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    Retina Display Issues? URGENT

    A few minutes ago I put a lot of pressure on my iPhone 4's screen and noticed that effect where it gets all rainbowish and turns back... I know this is normal for some LCD screen devices, but I wasn't too sure it was normal for the iPhone 4 given the screen is glass. PS there are no visible...
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    The 12/21/2012 Thread

    Lolz u killed it
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    best antivirus?

    How did you figure out he's in Pakistan?
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    Hearing "beeps"

    Correct, it is more of a clicking sound. This happened to my TA on Verizon, she had to fill out a Department of Homeland Security form. When taps are done correctly, you can't hear a thing...
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    4.3 Beta?

    Hotspot is carrier activated, AT&T may or may not activate it
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    How to retrieve lost contacts on my iPhone?

    Restore your phone, instead of setting up as new, choose your phones back up. But first go to edit -> preferences -> devices (I think) and check if your backup is there. Someone else can help you See where the backups are. There might be a button for it if you right click your iPhone under the...
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    How to retrieve lost contacts on my iPhone?

    Restore from your phones backup? Or do a system restore on windows to get your things back
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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I'd like to have a back up iPhone.
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    4.3 Beta?

    Look at Boy Genus Reports change log...
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    iTunes iPhone help

    And yes it should copy purchases to your computer
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    iTunes iPhone help

    If your old hard drive isn't shot, transfer you purchases from your old hard drive to a external hard drive, connect your external HDD to your new computer and reserve a drive letter for it, open iTunes, and set it to run off of the reserved drive letter for your external HDD and it should...
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    AirPrint -- Any printer?

    Everyone else has mentioned this, but when doing this: Make sure you printer is shared in windows. And a pat on the back for not reading the previous post
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    Air Print & Air Play questions

    I didn't read this thread but you can enable AirPrint on any shared printer in windows. EDIT: Oops someone beat me to it... But it does work...
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    MobileMe on 4.1 possible?

    Simply... No
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    Mobile Me not verified yet

    My guess is kill the app in the background or do a hard reset.
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    Back up my apps to upgrade to 4.2.1 - I can't authorize my iPhone so how?

    The Redsn0w Jailbreak IS tethered.... Wait until the jailbreak is stable.
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    The update deleted my music

    I feel bad for you. Especially if your on Windows.
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    The update deleted my music

    Chances are if something is wrong with any of your devices and you call any sort of tech support, A: You will know more than the guy. B: You can find better help on the Internet and/or here. At least that's just what I've found...
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    The update deleted my music

    yes I plugged it in to iTunes and let iTunes verify it, and it all came back... DON'T RESTORE OR RESYNC MEDIA.
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    The update deleted my music

    The iOS 4.2 update deleted my music off my iPhone 4 although when I go to settings -> about it says I still have all or most on there. So when I open the iPod app it says purchase music from iTunes. Please help I don't want to re-sync...