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    XBOX Kinect

    I'm in Nevada, my dad got it for me for Christmas. I have two days left until I get home to play it. Anyone have it, played it, like it, love it, hate it? Share your thoughts please!
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    G1 on AT&T? Have a question.

    What would I have to do to activate an HTC G1? My friend has one for sale, if I can do it, I'm going to buy it. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
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    Forward all email accts to Gmail?

    I want to just use my Gmail account. I primarily use my Hotmail. Is there a way to forward my yahoo and hotmail to my gmail account. I like gmail on the iPhone better. 4.0.1 JB 3GS.
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    Should I update and re-jailbreak?

    I am currently jailbroken on 3.1.3. Anything positive things to say about going to 4.0.1 and re-jailbreaking? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
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    The Colony on The Discovery Channel!

    Anybody else catch it last night? I am very addicted to this show! I was glued to the screen! Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
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    Delete emails, but they return?

    I delete my emails in the iPhone mail app. But then I'd go right back into it and they are there again. I think it has to do with Backgrounder being installed? If I go to and delete them from there then they are gone forever. Any ideas? I posted this in this section because I...
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    Reply to text without closing app?

    What's the name of that app where you can quick reply without closing out the app you were in? Thanks in advance!
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    I need a lock screen notifier!

    Something that will let me know my email, missed calls, SMS...that sort of thing. I'm using winterboard from cydia. Thanks in advance.
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    5 docked icons/apps?

    Using Spirit JB, how can I get to be able to have 5 apps docked at the bottom? Any help is appreciated! I am using Winterboard. I'm new to the JB scene too.
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    When is OS 4.0 supposed to be released?

    Sorry if already asked, but I saw a couple of my app updates saying that they fixed issues for OS 4.0. Just curious.
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    Help: installed Windows 7...

    I installed Windows 7. But before I formatted my HD, I burned the entire iTunes folder (apps and purchased ringtones). I also burned all of my music too. Getting the music back into iTunes isn't my question though. To retrieve my apps back into iTunes can I just replace the iTunes folder that...
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    Downgrading to 3.1.2?

    Anyway to downgrade to the 3.1.2 software? I want to do a good jailbreak!
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    Slide to unlock/answer problems.

    Every now and then, I will try to answer a call by sliding, and will not work until about 4 or 5 tries. Also when I try to unlock my phone from sleep by sliding, it does the same thing. It doesn't do it eveytime, so I'm not too worried about it. Just wondering if anyone else gets this issue...
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    Search by picture?

    My boss has the motorola droid and has an app called google goggles. He takes a picture and it searches google using the picture. Is there something like that for the iPhone?