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  1. oldschool

    I should have read the fine print

    Here I sit with my new IPAD only to find out that it requires 10.5 or newer OS. I do not have snow leopard and I can't buy it online. So off to the Apple Store I must go which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. This sucks but I guess its my fault for not being prepared.
  2. oldschool

    Other email options request

    I am currently testing Synchronica to access my work emai. My work will not allow me to have push email over the exchange server so I have been tyring this program. it is $60 a year and in like Denmark. I was hoping for an American company. Anyway...any of you in my boat and using a remote...
  3. oldschool

    Just sold 1gen 8 gig for 350 and don't know how

    Well I couldn't resist and caved to the pressure of buying a new 3g after realizing I could sell my old 8 gig on ebay and upgrade to a new 16 gig with no out of pocket expense. I was told today that my corporate discount will be allowed again so I'm saving 12 dollars a month. At the end of the...
  4. oldschool

    iPhone locates my network but can't find server

    I'm a recent mac convert and maybe I'm just retarded but I don't understand my system. I have an Imac that is sending a wifi signal to my iPhone ( I do not have a wireless external router). I don't even understand how my Imac is sending out the signal. Does it have an internal router? Anyone...
  5. oldschool

    I can't stop receiving email

    I have set the mail setting to manual I open mail and when I'm done I hold it down for 8 seconds until it goes back home. Yet anytime someone sends me an email to my yahoo mail account the phone notifies me. Is it not possible to turn off your mail? Thanks