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  1. thecookie1878

    Saving Twitter videos... need help

    Hi. I need a couple of videos on my smartphone. Do you know how to save videos like this from Twitter? Is it legal to download their videos? Won't I be banned on Twitter or something like that?
  2. thecookie1878

    iPhone X So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    My friend has iPhoneX. I dunno why but I did not like it. Still have my SE model
  3. thecookie1878

    iPhone 6s Random pausing of music?

    I guess something is wrong with the firmware. Do you have the latest version of iOS?
  4. thecookie1878

    iPhone 6s Transfering photos

    Itstall Itunes first. After that connect your iPhone to your PC. And you should see something linke that on the PC screen Choose "Import" and then follow the instructions on the screen
  5. thecookie1878

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s issue

    Dude, you answered your question. "Warrenty ended."