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    Notifications while on a call...

    Well, you were in the Phone app on the phone, so it's putting you back to where you started. That seems logical to me. Joe
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    Apple will fix a cracked screen FREE.. Right?

    I think you're missing what the OP misunderstood. He took that article as saying Apple will fix the screen for free. What the article was saying was Apple will fix it while you wait. It doesn't mention price. Joe
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    iPhone 3G video?

    The 3G won't do video, ever, officially. Joe
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    Notifications while on a call...

    Nope. You could always put the phone on vibrate. Joe
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    iPhone 3G versus iPhone 3GS

    Like one other guy said, if you're eligible for the $199/299 pricing, get it. Otherwise, wait it out. Joe
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    3GS --> 'Auto send to folder' [email]

    Like the guy above me said, there's no filtering on the iPhone. You need to use your providers mail server for that or your desktop mail client. Joe
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    Any coupons?

    There's a "spoilme" coupon code for Vaja. I think it's 10%. Joe
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    Apple Bluetooth Only Charging Halfway

    Mine was doing the same and had it replaced under warranty. I don't have it anymore though. Joe
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    Roaming with Visual Voice Mail?

    Incoming text messages in foreign countries are counted in your text messaging plan. So, you don't have to worry about those. Joe
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    $17 upgrade fee

    That is a CA thing. They charge tax on the full price, not the discounted one. I don't know if any other states do this. Joe
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    Major iPhone 3G S problems

    I missed the part saying you didn't have 3G. As for calls going to voicemail when you're on EDGE, that's very possible. EDGE does not allow for simultaneous voice and data. When you're iPhone is in an "active" data session calls will go to voicemail. An "active" data session is when you're...
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    Major iPhone 3G S problems

    The 3GS came with 3.0, so you cannot go back to 2.2. Joe
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    Possible to set ringtone

    Yeah, I hear ya, but I think Apple wants the experience you have on the Mac. The mail sounds are exactly the same on the iPhone as they are on a Mac. Joe
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    Want to buy my daughter an iPhone but..

    If you think $100 is a few bucks, then good for you man. :) Joe
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    Zagg Causing Water Damage

    The instructions for all of these types of shields all say to NOT spray the device directly. Only spray the shield and then apply it. Joe
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    Major iPhone 3G S problems

    You don't say where you are. There are many things that can affect coverage, signal, data speeds, etc. If this is still happening with a brand new phone, then I suspect its AT&T where you live. If your phone keeps jumping back and forth from EDGE to 3G and barely holds a 3G signal, you might...
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    Idock + cases

    Incase slider, case-mate smooth, there is a griffin case too, but I forget the name. Joe
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    Weird question before I bring my 3GS in for replacement

    By the way, you need to take it to an Apple Store. AT&T stores do bot do warranty for iPhones. Joe
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    iPhone 3GS and the ZAGG Invisible Shield

    Do NOT spray the device. No manufacturer says to do that. Joe
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    Mobile Me and iTunes

    It's a Mac-only app. Joe