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    Apple may have fired greedy retail employees...

    I'm wondering if this story is even true. Everybody that has posted the article sources Ars Technica. There's no independent confirmation of this story as yet. Hmmmm.....I'm going to have to call...wait for it...wait for it.......BS! ( until proved otherwise)...

    My mom washed my earphones...

    This could be a whole new thread. Are you paying rent by any chance? If I'm getting too nosy just tell me to back off but I'm fascinated.

    Third Party Apps for iPhone Confirmed!

    Good news kids! Third Party Applications on the iPhone Let me just say it: We want native third party applications on the iPhone, and we plan to have an SDK in developers’ hands in February. We are excited about creating a vibrant third party developer...

    Video websites that work on iPhone?

    I've been able to watch some trailers on Not all of them work though.

    Tips for shooting better iPhone pics?

    Hey, nice pictures Ambo. Makes me want to take a trip to Orlando. That's Epcot right? Don't think I've ever been. How'd you like it?

    Next iPhone Software Update This Week!

    Ok, I know this bit of news is about how unlocking your iPhone may end up bricking it permanently, but its the little tidbit about the software update that I'm most interested in - Could later this week mean tomorrow? You know how Apple likes to do things on Tuesdays...

    iPhone Debuts in Germany on Nov. 9th Looks like its going to be T-Mobile. Let the european onslaught begin!'' Ok, that first link is in German. Here's the full press release from Apple.

    Anyone doing the same thing as me with their credit?

    I have $200 in credits and I'm getting a new keyboard because the old one I had got wet and now the space bar doesn't work. I never thought about how important the space bar was until I didn't have it any more. Of course after my trial of iWork '08 runs out I'm getting that. Numbers is great...

    Nothing Happened In London

    Well, at least they have a confirmed date when the iPhone is coming to the UK. Think about it...they've been waiting for this thing since Macworld in January. Almost a full year. I'm wondering if their buildup of anticipation will rival ours. Lines around the block, etc.

    iPhone sales triple after $200 price cut

    Now, we at least have some idea of the numbers showing us how Apple got to 1 million iPhone sales sooner than expected. I didn't realize the Christmas buying season started in September but according to all the holiday catalogs I've been getting recently I guess it does...

    Is the iPhone Dead?

    You're right there is no merit to it. Its just "bait" to spur responses. And now look at me; perpetuating a thread that should have been stillborn.

    Apple sells one million iPhones in 74 days

    I'm definitely going to use my store credit. I bought two phones initially and hope to get back that $200. I'll probably just use it for various peripherals like the Composite AV Cable since I don't have Apple TV.

    Is the iPhone Dead?

    My sentiments...exactly! End of lifing it around mid-'08? Yeah, that would make sense with the overseas rollout not even slated to begin until late '07-early '08.

    Apple sells one million iPhones in 74 days

    Sure thing. You know that has me wondering...Steve Jobs said Apple's target was 1M iPhones by the end of this did he actually think it would take that long or did he know that the price cut would "spike" the numbers and get them to that goal much faster. 21 days faster in...

    Apple sells one million iPhones in 74 days

    Wow! That's about 13,500 phones sold per day. Wait..that can't be right..can it? Apple sells one million iPhones in 74 days Monday, September 10, 2007 - 08:33 AM EDT Apple today announced it sold its one millionth iPhone...

    everythingiPhone in the press!

    Crap! I was ready to get into it with him. What a weenie. Good decision regardless.

    everythingiPhone in the press!

    The fight has been fought and we won. I'm satisfied. Actually, I shouldn't call it winning because that's not really accurate. I should say that collectively we made a lot of noise and our voices were heard. Now, that's a powerful thing. This site contributed heavily to that. Threads...

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Just saw this post. Could be a good sign for all the early adopters. Its worth a shot. J- Posted by: Nitroman "I went straight to the Apple store where I bought my iPhone on opening day (Wellington Green Mall in West Palm Beach) first thing this morning when they opened. I asked for...

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Yeah, you don't have to sit back and accept it. Forget calling and emailing. Even if you purchased your phone on Day 1 you should still make an attempt to get some satisfaction. The best idea I can think of is to go into an Apple store and talk with a manager face to face. People don't like...

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Thanks for mentioning the iPod photo. I don't remember it at all but I did a little investigating and found out that it was originally released on October 26, 2004 and the price (on the 60GB) model was cut February 23, 2005 from $599 to $449. After 4 months on the market that's a...