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    Windows 10

    No, not now at least. In fact, contemplating moving to Mac. I found my Lightroom is cross platform and I can live without Photoshop or use it on the PC if needed. My PC is custom built to my specs for Photoshop primarily but having used IOS on Ipad and Iphone for over 4 years I may decide I...
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    How do I attache doc's or pic's when sending an email with my iPad?

    You can also copy and insert photos in your email from the Photo app. You choose the photo or photos and click on curved arrow icon in upper right and choose email or copy. If you copy you then just ooen mail, new email and i nsert wherever you wish. As said, you email docs from the app...
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    Verizon iPad with MiFi hotspot.

    i don't know about the mifi, but with the mobile hotspot on the Palm Pre Plus (from Verizon) all I do is turn on the hotspot, have the Ipad look for it, hear the ding as the PPP finds it and its connected. Is there anything else that one has to do? Seems as though if your mifi is wifi then...
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    Anyone using Amazon Kindle for iPad/iPhone?

    Mine syncs correctly between my Touch and Ipad. There is an icon at the bottom right that shows the latest sync or you can have it manuslly sync. I don't see any other place to change syncing.
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    Photoshop on iPad!

    In addition, it really needs a larger screen than the Ipad to really work in PS IMO. Many people use 2 monitors to keep the working screen free of everything but the image. I would never use PS for processing my RAW image files. I do use the 2 apps I mentioned above for touching up jpegs to...
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    Photoshop on iPad!

    Personally I idon't think that will happen. PS is a memory hog, really needs a calibrated monitor and if you want to use a pen as many PS users do, add a Wacom tablet to your main computer which is wonderful with PS. I tried PS Express app. I deleted it fairly quickly. For photography I prefer...
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    Just A Few Notes

    I agree. As I looked for more solutions for myself and a friend I added Goodreader, OfficeHD, Dropbox, Notebooks, etc. I haven't opened my laptop since I got my Ipad in May. I use my desktop to process large photo files, sync with Dropbox primarily. I discovered that company specific apps, not...
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    Is Apple going to update iPad anytime soon?

    There's a terrific free weather app-- Weatherbug, and there are seversl other good free ones. There are free calculators and the stock market app is fine for the Ipad. Not buying it because of not default included apps doesn't make sense because you csn find good or better apps in the store. I...
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    How long does it take to get an iPad from the Apple store?

    It appears that ordering from the Apple store has speeded up. I ordered a 32GB wifi for my husband on the 7th(a Sunday). It was to be shipped the 26th. Yesterday afternoon I got a shipping notice (12th) and its to be delivered the 17th.
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    Apple Bluetooth keyboard

    Thanks so much. I zoomed in on my Ipad, did a printscreen, inserted in SmartNotes, emailed myself the notebook page as pdf and then had it open in Goodreader LOL---to save with my tutes and manuals.
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    Is Apple going to update iPad anytime soon?

    There aren't too many things I wish for even now. One is folders like my Touch but that's coming in update this Fall. Some want a camera for Skype. Another I would like is msil client with folders but that's posdible with just a software update too I'm so happy with mine that I don't yearn for...
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    SliPCase for iPad with Apple case on

    I don't feel the Apple case is a smudge and lint magnet. In fact its really the opposite for me keeping the screen clean. My issue is with the ports (charging, earbud, and the speaker)being unprotected while in my handbag where things just accumulate on the bottom. The Targus completely covers...
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    SliPCase for iPad with Apple case on

    Thanks. I just bought one today. Went back to my local BB with my Apple cased Ipad and tried cases again. There was one top zippered Incase slip case that just allowed it to fit. I finally decided on a Targus Crave. Its probably a bit pouffy/silky for a guy. But with some coaxing the ipad with...
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    SliPCase for iPad with Apple case on

    I looked through the case threads but no one mentions leaving the Apple case on. Right now I carry the Ipad in a separate section in my handbag but it still has the usual lint and who knows what else LOL. I'm using the Apple case and want to keep it on. I don't care for using the Ipad naked...
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    Just a Thought to Chew On?

    My mother is 94 with macular degeneration. If it was earlier in the disease I think it would be possible for her to use it, but its advanced beyond the font sizes available in various ebook readers. She does use a computer for email and reading the newspapers from her city. When she moved...
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    Morning Necessities!

    I was at my local Best Buy (small city in western NC foothills so not big city store) and they had a pretty good selection of cases and covers. I wanted a bluetooth keyboard for long posts on photo forums and for personal writing. Found one and boy do I love it. I am back to my speedy touch...
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    Morning Necessities!

    I don't have myfi but use mobile hot spot on Palm Pre Plus with my 64GB wifi only Works great Used it last night to show friends and we used Google map to streetview their sisters house in Zurich Switzerland. Just slightly slower than my wifi. I haven't tried it to stream a movie but don't...
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    RSS reader for the iPad

    Just thought I would add this to the thread. I wanted an app for reading and finding blogs, easy to use. I read about Blogshelf and did a bit more research on it and decided to try it. Very nice. I like Reeder for my news but this is great addition for just blogs.
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    App store question

    Glad you got it straightened out. That's why I like this forum---generally good solutions to annoying problems and things for us to remember just in case we have a similar issue in the future.
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    RSS reader for the iPad

    I bought Reeder after deciding between it and Pulse. Easy to set up with Google Reader. Quite straightforward interface and they open from within the app. I'm very happy with it.