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  1. VOLS34

    Yahoo mail

    For a week or so my yahoo email has been acting weird with the stock mail app. It will update and say it’s downloading new mail but they won’t show. The actual yahoo mail app works fine. I deleted my account and reconnected but it doesn’t help. I also tried adjusting the push and fetch options...
  2. VOLS34

    iPad message app issue

    Here's the thing. When you open the message app there's a split screen with the person you message on the left and the conversation on the right. Hopefully I just haven't figured it out and someone can help but surely there's a way to not have a conversation constantly be in view on the right...
  3. VOLS34

    Are Apple servers having issues today?

    My Yahoo! Email has been has been out all afternoon. I keep getting a popup about "new term &service" when I open the App Store app and try to update an app. When I click to view the terms and service to accept it I get a blank page and then it times out. The stock weather app only recognizes...
  4. VOLS34

    Is AT&T updating inventory?

    Is AT&T even bothering to update inventory online at this point? I stopped by a local one the other day & he said they wasn't getting much of anything in since launch just 4-5 a couple times. Whenever I check online it says out of stock everywhere near me & not available for in store pickup.
  5. VOLS34

    Black text with light folders.....

    I guess the OS automatically determines if text is gonna be black or white based on the background but why does it turn emojis black if you use them to label a folder?
  6. VOLS34

    Is there a swipe gesture..... remove notifications from lockscreen? I think Bulletin use to do this along with allow for notification access from lockscreen which is obviously part of the new OS & not needed. I think you could just swipe left & wipe notification away.
  7. VOLS34

    Will it be a year before we get something new?

    I skipped the 5s although I was slightly tempted. Just didn't see it being worth an upgrade going from 5 to 5s. Anyway will it be a year before we see another new iPhone or o the rumors of a spring release of a bigger iPhone hold much water? Sent using iCafe app
  8. VOLS34

    YouTube videos terrible quality lately

    Anybody else experiencing this? For the past week or so quality has been awful. Sent using iCafe app
  9. VOLS34

    Bought an app but it disappeared

    I recently purchased an app, the icon was on the screen & everything but I hadn't used it. Later I rebooted my phone & when I looked it was gone. When I go to the App Store it says I can open it which assures me it was purchased but when I tap open it does absolutely nothing. I tried rebooting...
  10. VOLS34

    Weather app location services

    Anybody having issues with the weather app being off on location lately? Sent using iCafe app
  11. VOLS34

    Anybody got any package update lately?

    I can't remember the last time any of my packages have been updated & was just curious if something was up or are there just no updates.
  12. VOLS34

    Easiest way to theme a web app

    Is there a way & if so what is the easiest way. I have a web app that changes every time I open & close it. I wanna add 1 pic as the default.
  13. VOLS34

    Are lightning cables covered under warranty?

    I'm having issues with it. Sometimes it will charge & sometimes it won't. Will Apple replace it if I take it in. The cable isn't in bad condition just normal use. Sent using iCafe app
  14. VOLS34

    Anybody have this Safari issue?

    Some times when I click a link in safari or open a page it takes forever to load or it doesn't. If I hit the X in the status meter & reload or click the link again it opens right up. Sent using iCafe app
  15. VOLS34

    Stock weather app

    Is anybody else having trouble with it updating? I know it's not the greatest app but I usually use the widget to get a quick look at the weather but its not updating. Sent using iCafe app
  16. VOLS34

    What's the big deal about NFC?

    You see the commercials about bumping phones to send playlists, videos, or whatever but they have to touch the screen. What makes it so much better than a text or email? I mean can you bump phones & send people music they didn't even buy?
  17. VOLS34

    iPod out functionality

    When I bought my car stereo head unit I still had my 3GS & everything worked fine. It would detect my phone as an iPod & I could use the unit controls to shuffle through songs etc. I upgraded to the 4S & it still worked fine. At some point though it lost the iPod out functionality. I can put the...
  18. VOLS34

    Screen goes dim sometimes

    On a few occasions my screen has randomly dimmed. The phone functions as normal but I have to lock it & then unlock to get it back to normal brightness.
  19. VOLS34

    Question about calls from contacts with pics

    When I get a call from my girlfriend it shows her name & a smaller pic across the top bit from other people it takes up the entire screen. How do you set this?
  20. VOLS34

    With new iPhone coming have a question

    With the new iPhone only a few weeks away I was just wanting to clarify a few things. I have a jailbroken iPhone 4s & was wondering if I can do a backup while it was still jailbroken & use it to restore the new phone when I get it or do I have to remove the jailbreak before I do a backup. Thanks