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    OK guys i desperately need your help!!

    Hey guys whats going on, sorry ive been away for so long. Life is hard and its a b**ch lol. Well guy the reason why i need you help is because my little brother took my phone and accidentally upgrade it to 3.1.3. My phone was jail-broken with Rock. I need to find out how i can JB again with...
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    3.0 Info/Update! :smile:

    Coming from this source Recently we were approached by a source who is closely connected to Apple’s hardware development team. The source was willing to provide detailed information on the specs and...
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    What do you guys think? "Perhaps most interestingly, however, a reader points out that Apple has a front facing camera on the patent application, meaning that we'll hopefully see this feature for video chatting in an upcoming model, maybe even in June? It is labeled "180" in...
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    3.0 Beat 2 Youtube error

    Hey guys, I updated to 3.0 Beta 2 and now im getting an error on youtube that says cannot connect to youtube. Please let me know you know of anything that i can do about it. Thanks guys!
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    Tell me what you guys think?

    Hey guys i found this pic and i wanted to find out your input on it. Enjoy!
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    Ringtone question.

    Hey guys was going on? I wanted to ask you something bc i have no idea what to do. On Cydia, when i go to ringtones and i download something, I cant find that download. Where can i set that download? I don't know what to do, or even if im doing something wrong. Can anyone help me please...
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    Atlanta GA Camp Out.....

    Sorry if you read my other topic on here but i didn't get anything out of it so i wanted top try another one. So, does anyone from atlanta GA going to be camping out over at Lenox Square in Buckhead, please let me know, maybe we can try to meet up and at least make the wait a little better for...
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    Anyone going to.......

    The Apple store located in Lenox Square Atlanta, GA. let me know and maybe we can meet up there in the AM, make things better and time go by faster. Let me know guys. Javier
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    How many members have .Mac

    Just wondering how many of you have .Mac and if you think its a good to have when it comes to all the stuff it can do.
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    Do you think that......

    MobileMe will be out the same day as iPhone 3G. Just wondering because it says it will be up by early July. Thanks for you help guys.
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    iPhone App Store apps round-up

    iPhone AppStore apps round-up Posted 24 June 2008 @ 10am in Applications The anxiously awaited iTunes AppStore, due alongside the release of the iPhone 3G on July 11th, is sure to debut with a few surprises given the reticence of many major third-party developers thus far. With the aid of...
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    Well i just found out that....

    I wont be able to get the discount price for the iPhone. The lady that i spoke to on the phone from ATT told me that the 3G iPhone is going to be sold just like any other phone. I am so mad and i don't know what to do. Any ideas? :foot:
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    'Super lens' for phone photographers?

    Hey guys check this out. Let me know what you think. i know its not real but its cool "I guess?"
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    Check this out guys iEye I think i would get it.
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    Installing AppSnapp on 1.1.1 help please

    hey guys i don't know how long this is suppose to take but i went to the website as it says in the apptap site and "install AppSnapp" well it says it could take up to 5 mins but what happens if it takes longer. i think its going on 10 mins already and it is the second time ive done it already...
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    The new Customize upgrade.

    Hey guys i have a question about Customize. what is "Configure Customize" I tryed to mess with the setting and nothing happened. Did anyone in here has the same question? Is it suppose change the way the iPhone coniguration looks or what? Thanks a lot guys.
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    Downgrade Firmware is a mess.

    Hey guys what’s up, well I though I would share how the downgrading of my iPhone 1.1.1. Well it all started Saturday morning when I woke up I got my hands on a step by step video on how to do it. I saw the video and I started to do it and well at first it seem to be working very well but...
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    Any one in Atl that can help me please

    hey guys i need to downgrade my firmware on iPhone, i made that stupid update and now i cant use apptap. can anyone from atlanta help me out please i say atlanta because i tryed to read and do it but it didn't work soe can some one please help me. thanks so much in advace?
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    No NES ROM's were Found. can some one help me?

    Please upload ROM's to /var/root/Media/ROMs/NES hey guys that is the message i get when i click on the NES app. i use AppTap to download it but i need to get the ROM's and i need to know how to install them can some one please help me do it please. im sorry i have no idea and its my first mod...
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    can some one help me please (AppTap)?

    hey guys i just installed AppTap but i have a question guys and i hope you guys can help me out. I installed the app and it shows on my home screen on the iPhone but when i open the "INSTALLER" and i install an app, where does that app goes and how do i get it open? i cant get nothing to...