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    3.0 Giving me an Exact location with iPhone v1

    yes i just checked the Maps application in my iPhone v1 and it gave me the blue dot like the iPhone 3G on the exact place that i am(which is my house) and it has never done that before thats very weird.
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    Strange map app update

    Is it just me is or is the google maps totals messed up because when I put to locate my house is like some were else before I update it was correct and now anywere I put the location is way off
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    why did i ever upgrade...ahhhh..

    i just upgraded my iPhone and now my installer has just stopped working and i can't install anything...i should have stayed with the older version... and its a pain to downgrade...:angry: i just felt like sharing that with people
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    Help installer problems

    so I just updated my iPhone and it was going on pretty well until I started notice that when I tried to install an application it starts to download and all the sudden installer just reset it self and the application did not finished downloading I tried it Many times and the application does not...
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    Things You "dislike"(hate) about your iPhone

    well here is one thing i don't like about the iPhone when im making a call outside and is dark i put the phone to my ear to hear and the screen turns off which is cool so you don't accidentally press anything but then i decide to check a website when im still on the call and what happens nothing...
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    iPhone's weird glitches

    well i found a weird glitch on my iPhone it never happened before and i found it very interesting here is a pic of it