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  1. zandrik

    iPad 3 Jailbreak issues - Upgrading from 5.1.1 to 6.1.2

    I currently have a jailbroken iPad 3 wifi. I've done the following: - Backed up to iTunes - Pressed option+clicked update>choose ipsw(ios 6.1.2) file for my device (ipad 3 wifi) - I get the error of ("your device is ineligible...") - Search and find that my host file needs updated. - I...
  2. zandrik

    Bluetooth issues with iOS6.1 Jailbroken - iPhone 5

    I can't seem to remove, "Forget this Device", a device from my list of bluetooth devices. I've done a hard reboot. Turned off bluetooth, then did the hard reboot again. Still nothing. I'm trying to remove a watch that I use. ( I have the...
  3. zandrik

    Background audio

    I'm jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1. iPhone 4. Recently I can only play audio if I have the app open. For example pandora will only play if that app is open. If I hit the home button music fades out. This is the case with any audio app. Before, these apps would run in the background. I could even lock...
  4. zandrik

    HP TouchPad fire sale. A gimmick?

    I was just thinking, after I was able to get a 32GB HP TouchPad for $150.00, that what if this whole HP/WebOS an HP "dropping" support for it, is a gimmick to get millions of these things into the market. They couldn't sell the damn things so maybe they thought they'd flood the market with them...
  5. zandrik

    iPad 3 this year or next?

    What does anyone think? I know it's always rumors, but does anyone think Apple would release an iPad 3 this year?
  6. zandrik

    Need an expert jailbreaker to answer a question

    Ok so I have an iPhone 4 jailbroken with limera1n on iOS 4.1. I was happy to know that with this type of jailbreak I didn't have to fully restore. Thus keeping all my settings/apps intact. So I would like to jailbreak with green poison. First question. Can I jailbreak without having to...
  7. zandrik

    Steve Jobs Medical Leave

    Steve Jobs He just announced via email that he's taking another leave of absence for medical reasons. Hope he's ok. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  8. zandrik

    iPhone 4 + New Facebook update

    Anyone else getting an error when they try to login to the facebook app after the most recent update? I can login through safari but the app won't let me in. After the update nothing in the app would work. So I logged out and then couldn't sign back in. Deleted the app, help sleep and home...
  9. zandrik

    Return iPhone 4 bought at Walmart to Apple Store?

    I bought my iPhone 4 from Walmart less than a week ago. I'd like the white one and in the case that Apple releases the white one at tomorrow during the press conference and assuming if they do and they make it available tomorrow, it's most likely that it would only be available at the Apple stores...
  10. zandrik

    first gen iPhone stuck in connect to iTunes screen, powers off, Apple logo....LOOP

    Tried to restore, the progress bar gets stuck about 60% of the way through. The iPhone was jailbroken and unlocked with bootneuder. I switched back to AT&T in order to get the iPhone 4. Waiting for the white one. Any advice. It's like I'm stuck in dfu mode or recovery mode. iTunes asks to...
  11. zandrik

    Account created on question

    So Ive read that pretty much by now you can't pre-order. Yet Apple's site still allows you to go through the process. Well I went through the process, after I put in my SSN I waited for maybe 2 minutes for the spin wheel thing and it said something along the lines of, "pre-orders are no longer...
  12. zandrik

    Jailbreak slowed my iPhone 3G way down!

    So I used pwnage to jailbreak my iPhone. It made my phone extremely slow. Is this common. I haven't installed a lot of packages from cydia. Here is what I have installed. SBSettings -qtweeter -Cycorder -Safari download tool -terminal -3G unconditional (I know it's not call...
  13. zandrik

    Paid iTunes Apps Run On Jailbroken iPhone 3G?

    I've paid for a few apps through the iTunes App store and I'm thinking about jailbreaking my iPhone 3g. If I do jailbreak can I use said paid apps when the iPhone is jailbroken? Thanks
  14. zandrik

    Google Voice mobile app download?

    So I know you can install apps to the iPhone via iTunes. Being that there is no google voice app, did anyone download it before it was pulled an is willing to share it. Is this even possible? Because I know I have apps that are no longer in the app store that I can still add or take off my...
  15. zandrik

    .ics files in mail

    I currently have setup google sync via the exchange and only have the calendar part turned on. If I setup an meeting invitation myself, I'll send an invite to myself, gmail, and it automatically is entered into google calendar and then automatically to my iPhone calendar, but when I get an...
  16. zandrik

    PUSH Notification Apps

    I thought I'd start a thread of a list of apps that have PUSH enabled. I know of only one for now. Please add to the list as you find more PUSH enabled apps. 1. Textfree 2. Tap Tap Revenge 2.5 3. IM+ Thanks
  17. zandrik

    Phone Calling By Itself

    Ok, so yesterday I kept getting calls from several different people who I don't know. They were saying, "you just called me with a political recording, please take me off your list." First of all, I'm not calling anyone with a recording. I had one person call with the same info and said you...
  18. zandrik

    Mac Pro New Mac user

    Hi all, I just got my first Mac about 3 weeks ago. Man am I impressed! as many mac users, I'm a switcher. I had used pc's all my life. When I got my Mac I said to my friend, who has used Mac's forever, "where have I been? I should have gotten one of these things a long time ago!" He said...
  19. zandrik

    ViPR Photo Recognition

    This is ViPR photo recognition software for mobile devices. Check out the video below. I thought this was pretty cool. Enjoy.
  20. zandrik

    software recommendations for Mac

    so I just made the switch from pc to mac. I just ordered the 2.4 GHZ 15.4" MacBook Pro yesterday. The earliest that I'll get it will be apr 2 but no later than the 4th. I'm very excited. I was wondering if all you current mac users would have recommendations of free software to download. Thanks!