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  1. Lisa22

    iPad mini 2 retina to be in short supply, if at all

    I heard there's not going to be a retina display.
  2. Lisa22

    Why do you have an iPhone 5?

    Because I got 150 bucks off on a trade in of an old glitchy iPhone 4 I couldn't have sold for much more, anyway.
  3. Lisa22

    Slow loading pages on iPad mini.

    My problems were fixed with a new router. Better connection. Faster loading. All around better.
  4. Lisa22

    Just got my mini

    Yeah it's perfect. And light. I have arthritic fingers so my mini is naked and weightless. Better than a book or anything else in its class. Wonder what the next one will have? From what I heard, it's not too much more.
  5. Lisa22

    Putting in periods for dictation

    You're a genius. I use the British voice for fun. Didn't realize the nuances.
  6. Lisa22

    Putting in periods for dictation

    Is this a bug or an I doing it wrong? I'm used to say the word period and get a dot. Now I get nothing but the word "period." "Comma" and "question mark" work as before.
  7. Lisa22

    Siri can open apps & settings panes

    I knew you could launch the app, but not for the settings to come up. that's cool.
  8. Lisa22

    Noticed this in Safari

    Would have never found that on my own. Thanks!
  9. Lisa22

    Applecare+ Device Replacement Cost to Go Up

    Just get a good case and be careful. Add up the deductible, the cost, over a couple of phones and it equals buying a used one on eBay if you have to. It's not cost effective unless you're a careless person.
  10. Lisa22

    Larger iPhone screen for FY14

    When you can't fit your phone in your pocket anymore, it becomes a tablet. I already gave one of those.
  11. Lisa22

    I just upgraded to iOS 7

    I wonder if it types the Word Comma Comma period yes, I guess it does period
  12. Lisa22

    I just upgraded to iOS 7

    The only thing wrong is when I dictate it types the word " period" period
  13. Lisa22

    iOS 7 drains my battery FAST!

    This happens with every big iOS change. It will level off.
  14. Lisa22

    Slow loading pages on iPad mini.

    Get as much memory as you can afford. Downloading a couple movies and too many apps slowed down my 16 gig considerably. Have to keep it light. Next time in getting a 32 at least.
  15. Lisa22

    Slow loading pages on iPad mini.

    Just a quick tip. In case you're experiencing this on the mini, I have found that turning off location services and switching to the opera mini browser has helped a lot. Sent using iCafe app
  16. Lisa22

    Problems with WiFi after iOS update

    Mine has gotten worse too. Sent using iCafe app
  17. Lisa22

    Should I sell my iPad and get an iPad mini

    Wifi connection is still an issue for me with the mini. I wish I just got a full ipad now. Was loving it until I began wanting to stream videos. Stuff that streams fine on my phone just cuts out. Wait for the new mini and then wait some more or get a full size. Sent using iCafe app
  18. Lisa22

    Would you still purchase one

    Fair. Wondered about that too. Tablets can be tough to read Sent using iCafe app
  19. Lisa22

    Would you still purchase one

    For a senior citizen? All my mom can do is watch netflix , check email and Facebook, and occasionally a little bit of web browsing or a you tube. Is it still working good enough for that or have the current upgrades made it outdated and useless? I can get her a used one so cheap, I...
  20. Lisa22

    Who wants to quit Apple?

    We have a Non Apple tablet someone got as a gift in our house. My daughter uses it as a mousepad. Sent using iCafe app