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  1. Sharunda

    iPhone 7 This Rumor is one I would love to come true!

    I hope this is going to be true. It is beautiful! What a change this would be for the iPhone. @Rafagon what do you think of this?!
  2. Sharunda

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Release Date Timer

    Because of the above quotes, I searched for a timer to count down the days before the iPhone 6s & 6s Plus release on 9/25/15. I found this site: Feel free to post your waiting frustrations and revelations here. Also, if you find some nice timers, please...
  3. Sharunda

    IPhone Lightning Dock! YAY!

    I may be the only one excited about this long-awaited, Apple Dock, development. However, I thought I'd share. I always buy Apple Docks for my iPhone's and iPads. When Apple didn't come out with one to accompany the historical Lightning connector change from the ancient 30 Pin connector, I was...
  4. Sharunda

    Apple Picking...Let's all be careful

    At first this video had me angry until I saw the guy smiling and the other guys laughing and smiling as well. I guess all he could do is laugh. I don't know if this was staged or not. Nevertheless, Everyone be careful with your iPhone out here. The holiday's are coming up and there are...
  5. Sharunda

    Wallpaper Missing? Where is this flower?

    The lush Orange Flower on the right is not in our Wallpaper photos that Apple provided us. The one that they have given us doesn't look like the one above at all. Did they just omit it and replace it with the straggly one? I like the Lush one above much better.
  6. Sharunda

    I DID SOMETHING! iPhone 6+ SAGA.

    Please excuse the length of this story. I just wanted to share my iPhone 6+ Saga with the eiC. I'm at work so I have no pics to share until I set this iPhone 6+ up. Love this thing! I’ve been busting since 4:15am today! I’ve had NO LUCK this year ordering this iPhone 6+, as pre order day was a...
  7. Sharunda

    Video Shows iPhone 6 & 6+ In your pocket!

    Check out this video of this guy trying both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in various jeans and pants pockets as well as jackets and suit pockets. Here is the YouTube Video in case the Vimeo doesn't work.:
  8. Sharunda

    iOS 7.0.3 Update Ready Now!

    New update to address iCloud Keychain, iMessage fixes, sensor fixes, Touch ID improvements. YAY! Sent using iCafe app
  9. Sharunda

    A Couple Sells Baby to pay for Apple iPhone

    I thought selling an organ for an iPad was bad, this is deplorable! Chinese couple sold baby to pay for iPhone Unemployed parents mastermind “sinister conspiracy”, auctioning daughter for £5,000 and using proceeds...
  10. Sharunda

    iOS7 Blue Screen of Death

    I am not a happy camper and I'm hoping Apple is working on a fix for this right now. So far my issue is not as severe as some others that I have read about in the Apple Support Community and generally on the internet, but it still happened to me and it's still totally out of the blue. I was...
  11. Sharunda

    iPhone 5s Space Gray Scratches, scrapes and dings?

    Hey everyone. I haven't received my iPhone 5s Space Gray yet, but I am curious to know from those who have it, do you think it will scratch like the Slate/Black iPhone 5 was prone to do? I could find nothing much about this on the web except for people saying that it would still scratch and...
  12. Sharunda

    iPad 5 Question - Fingerprint sensor?

    Hey there, does anyone have any idea if Apple will include a Fingeprint sensor on the new iPad 5 and the new iPad Mini? I'm hoping they do. I'm in the market for the new iPad 5 when it comes out and was hoping that they would offer it with the new finget print sensor. That would just ROCK!
  13. Sharunda

    iPhone 5s DOCK!

    After all the bellyaching Apple has finally made an iPhone 5s DOCK! There is one for the iPhone 5c also. I'm sure this is due to the size difference. iPhone 5c Dock Sent using iCafe app
  14. Sharunda

    Leather iPhone 5s Cases! NICE!

    I'm happy about these cases. All leather and attractive. There are 6 color choices. Brown, shown below. Beige, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red. All full grain leather. I'm lovin' these. They will make your iPhone look elegant. Not so much for protection at all but beautiful to look at and probably...
  15. Sharunda

    Lightning to USB Cable 2m!

    Saw this today. It's $10 more than the 1m and the 0.5m (didn't know they sold a smaller version). 0.5m cable Sent using iCafe app
  16. Sharunda

    Apple iPhone Trade-In Program...Good deal or no deal?

    Hey everyone, @chris has informed us of Apple's iPhone Trade-In program. While it seems appealing, and might be a logical, money saving thing to do, what are your thoughts on this? I usually make a deal with Gazelle and get a pretty good quote from them, but I might be swayed to take advantage...
  17. Sharunda

    Gifting a Song From your iPhone, is it Possible?

    Hey All: I've been searching for a way to gift a song to my sister from my iPhone 5 using iTunes on the iPhone. There doesn't seem to be a choice for it, or I can't find it. Has anyone gifted a song or an App from their iPhone to someone? Or do I have to wait until I get home to do it on my...
  18. Sharunda

    HOW NOT TO UNBOX AN iPhone 5

    As soon as I saw this, I had to post it here to share with you all. Those who have playful pups don't cringe. This sweet guy was just doing what comes natural I suppose. Don't be too hard on him. ;)
  19. Sharunda

    Microphone Problem

    In my excitement for getting the iPhone 5, and then restoring a few times and having to deal with little hiccups with the iPhone, I never took a video until Saturday 9/29/12. Well, when I took this video it filmed beautifully but there was no sounds. Instead there was a hissing noise. In...
  20. Sharunda

    Jimmy Kemmel Made a fool out of iPhone owners!

    I saw this today and wanted to share it with you all here on the eiC. @mutter We're not this dim are we? We would know a new iPhone if we had it in our hand wouldn't we? LOL! Take a look: