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  1. psylichon

    Intent to switch to Android

    I never thought the day would come that I would say this, but I do believe I will be making the switch to Android sometime in the not-so-distant future. I really wish I could stay with Apple because that would make my life a whole lot easier. I just can't ignore my dissatisfaction with my iPhone...
  2. psylichon


    If you get stuck in a boot loop and don't want to restore to stock 6.1.3/6.1.4, there is a new tool available to take your phone back to stock without losing your jailbreak. Very interesting. I haven't used it yet, so I can't vouch for it, but it's worth checking out if you get in a bind.
  3. psylichon

    iCleaner is no joke

    My Facebook app, which got strangely responsive when I first jailbroke, got progressively less so. I tried iCleaner and it got rid of a lot of junk. Facebook is now back to normal. Not bad for free.
  4. psylichon

    Calling all HVAC experts

    I'm trying to install a Nest Learning Thermostat alongside a Crown AWR-series natural gas boiler. The Nest doesn't charge properly with my 2-wire R/W thermostat line due to power-stealing from the controller, so I'm trying to add a third conductor (C). I've run the line, but I can not figure out...
  5. psylichon

    Washed-out, faded-looking screen bug?

    This is such a rare bug that I've been hesitant to mention it. But I just saw it again for about the third time since owning my iPhone 5. It happens when unlocking the screen. I've had the same highly-saturated image of the full color spectrum as my lockscreen almost since getting the phone (I...
  6. psylichon

    So... does the "stretched" look still seem odd?

    We're now a month in. For those that have been using an iPhone 5, how does it feel? Stretched? Weird? Odd in any way? I can't even look at pictures of previous generations without feeling extremely claustrophobic now. It's amazing what half an inch and a change in aspect ratio can do. It's a...
  7. psylichon

    Zynga is so damn lazy!

    For as much success as they've had, they are pathetic with their updates. They finally come out with a new version of Words "improved" for the iPhone 5, and this is how they take advantage of the new screen real estate: Really, Zynga? You're gonna keep the "more" popup button instead of...
  8. psylichon

    Difficulty putting new Apple earbuds in case

    Has anyone tried to put their EarPods back into the case that Apple includes with them? It's a pain in the butt. I can't see anyone bothering to use it on a regular basis. Looks great in the packaging, but totally impractical for regular use. Seems Apple could have done a lot better here.
  9. psylichon

    Where are all the app updates?

    I seem to remember when the 4 came out, app updates flowed steadily for weeks as developers rushed to support the Retina display. That was a pretty big paradigm shift going hi-rez. This time, I thought simply adding 176 lines in one direction was going to make it easy for developers to update...
  10. psylichon

    Dat screen...

    I think Apple really undersold this new screen on the iPhone 5. Everyone got so hung up on the size and dimensions that no one seems to be discussing how much the screen has improved in almost every other area. 1. Brightness. It's crazy bright now. So much so that I have turned off Autobright...
  11. psylichon

    How do I know which iPhone is mine?

    May seem like a silly question, but it just dawned on me that this is the first time I've preordered 2 identical iPhones. I've always known which one would activate to me and which to my wife's number by the memory size printed on the box. I can't remember if there's any identifying marks on...
  12. psylichon

    Good points of interest on iOS6 Apple Maps

    There doesn't seem to be an official list of 3D Cities for iOS6 Maps yet, but here's a list I found of places that are known to be mapped so far. If you find more, add them here. If you find crazy things in 3D, do share. I can tell you that Las Vegas is a total trip to check out. Even if the...
  13. psylichon

    Killer iPad keyboard UI demo. Such a good idea!

    This is a pretty incredible iPad keyboard concept. Check out the video and let me know what you think. I think it's awesome.
  14. psylichon

    WiFi speed comparison thread

    I've been doing some troubleshooting with my home wifi network lately, and I came to realize that we've never had a thread here comparing wifi speeds on various devices, despite numerous GSM/data speed comparisons. I'm trying to figure out why my iPhone 4 is so much faster on some networks than...
  15. psylichon

    Take one last, long look at your computer monitor. After tomorrow it will suck.

    Seriously, I'm kinda not looking forward to this aspect of the new iPad... it will be a serious party-ruiner for heavy computer users.
  16. psylichon

    Ooooh, I get to ask about iPad cases now. Fun!

    So I finally get to join in on iPad case discussion. Here's my plan and I'm hoping to get some suggestions to make it happen: I'd like a very thin, light but tough snap-on back protector for continual use and a rubberier bulky case for when I let my daughter use it. Ideally, I'd love to be...
  17. psylichon

    Editing photos on an iPad

    So I'm getting my first iPad soon and I'm figuring out all the ways it will incorporate into my tech world. I'd love to do some of our photo editing and management chores with it, but from everything I can tell the new iPhoto app will only work on local photos on the device itself. This is...
  18. psylichon

    Home button flaky? Jailbroken? Check this out...

    So like a lot of people, my home button can be rather unresponsive at times. I've all but ruled out a hardware issue, though. I'm pretty convinced it's a jailbreak issue. I've been uninstalling and disabling my various tweaks to try and get to the bottom of the flakiness. My home button is...
  19. psylichon

    Anyone using Google Music?

    I've heard bits and pieces about their new service, but only recently realized they offer free storage up to 20,000 songs (of any size). That's twice the size of my library. There are several apps to stream from their service, including a free one called "Melodies for Google Music." Just...
  20. psylichon

    What I do on my day off

    While the baby naps...