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  1. up10ad

    I cut the cord

    I've been using Comcast/Xfinity for TV and Internet for several years now. Just the Double Play. Recently the cost went up a little and the Internet upload speed deteriorated significantly down to only 5.5M which won't handle any of my cloud sync needs. My TV channel lineup was paltry. So, made...
  2. up10ad

    Anyone get a dock yet?

    One of the things I think I want for my Apple Watch is a charging dock. I anticipate charging it intermittently during the day, but also at night. After looking at all the available solutions it seems that that a majority position the watch at a 45 degree angle facing upwards. While this may...
  3. up10ad

    Haptic feedback; are you missing any notifications?

    In another discussion regarding iPhone volume it was mentioned that an Apple watch might be a solution to not being able to hear notifications on the phone. During my test fitting I found the notifications very subtle. Perhaps I'd get used to 'looking' for them after an acclimation period but my...
  4. up10ad

    iPhone 6 Plus Case - Lifeproof nüüd

    I requested notification when the Lifeproof nüüd waterproof case for the iPhone 6 Plus was released and received my email 2 days ago. I followed the link in the email and was able to order. Today I received my new case! Cost was $99.99 with free 2 day shipping. It appears that Lifeproof is...
  5. up10ad

    Reach Weather puts temp & conditions in Reachability space

    Kind of a fun, free weather tweak, especially when combined with ColorReachability (also free) to color the background.
  6. up10ad

    Mail Labeler highlights emails based on account

    There is both a paid $.99 version and a free trial version that only highlights one account. If you only have two accounts the trial version would work great to tell them apart in the combined Inbox. The setup is easy and allows you to see the colors assigned as you set them. It adds...
  7. up10ad

    iOS update 7.1 to 8.1?

    Today I took my old iPhone 5 to the Genius Bar to have them replace my sleep/wake button under the free program for failed iPhone 5 devices. They inspected it and noted that the screen was slightly raised and informed me that I had a battery bulge. This condition is a covered defect regardless...
  8. up10ad

    Activator impacting speed & reachability

    After noticing that Reachability wasn't responding a lot of the time I began researching the issue. It occurred in numerous apps so I began looking at my JB additions. I recently added Display Recorder which also installed Activator as a dependency. After uninstalling it my screen response was...
  9. up10ad

    Notifications badge count issue

    Why does my badge show 30-40 notifications after just an hour or so? I can't find anything that would be triggering them. My notification settings are: Rick (pardon my driving, I'm not texting, I'm reloading)
  10. up10ad

    Camera not working when called from other apps

    My iPhone 6+ has a recurring problem that may be iOS 8 rather than hardware, I'm not sure. If I pull up the camera in another app like Messages it works fine to take a picture, but after the first time it doesn't work any more until I force close the app and restart it. I first noticed this...
  11. up10ad

    iOS 8.1 jailbreak available for developers

    Available for Saurik to test and make Cydia compatible! Looks like it won't be long before we see it.
  12. up10ad

    Reachability: Do you use it?

    I love this feature. I hold my phone in my right hand and support the bottom with my pinkie, support the back with my fingers and type with my thumb. I double tap the home button regularly to get to the top screen items. Do you use it? Rick Pardon my driving, I'm reloading Sent from my...
  13. up10ad

    JellyLock7 Released

    JellyLock7 has been released for the iPhone. It is my favorite lockscreen tweak. Here's the link: JellyLock7 JellyLock is a lock screen app launcher, that is super convenient to use. Drag a grabber to your favorite application to launch it without unlocking your device first. In this version...
  14. up10ad

    Slo-Mo Mod adds slow motion to iPhone 5, others.

    Apple in its infinite wisdom has reserved the slow motion feature for the iPhone 5s, but there are now several alternatives. As discussed elsewhere, the app SlowCam is a camera app that creates slow motion videos on other iPhone models. Now there is another Cydia app, Slo-Mo Mod that simply...
  15. up10ad

    Strange app...

    His target audience is cheaters who are proficient in morse code. That's what I call a narrow vertical market. :LOL:
  16. up10ad

    Notification Center issues after a safe mode crash

    I have been experiencing a recurring issue with my settings in Notification Center disappearing after a device crash to safe mode. After a respring I find that all Notification Center settings toggles are changed to Off, and there are no apps in the Include section. While it is fairly easy to...
  17. up10ad

    iLex RAT, Restore And Keep Jailbreak

    First some background. I have been running my iPhone 5 on 6.1.2 jailbroken with Evasion for quite some time. I don't mess with it all the time, but I have a significant number of Cydia apps, tweaks and even some Themes. I like it, and have no plans to upgrade to iOS 7 until there is a stable...
  18. up10ad

    iPhone 5C color - What is the most popular?

    Please only answer this poll if you have already ordered or purchased an iPhone 5C. Discussions on your color choice should be posted in the 5C color discussion thread located here.
  19. up10ad

    Some apps updated for iOS 7 won't sync to iOS 6.x

    Seems that some apps won't update unless you move to iOS 7: I'd love to find out exactly why. Perhaps they make use of the new APIs available in iOS 7 and it won't work in iOS 6. That would be a true failure on Apple's part for not providing backwards compatibility. Or, just maybe its just...
  20. up10ad

    Saturn at best viewing Sent using iCafe app