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  1. eye-Fone

    My Sports Teams Watch Faces

    Here are more of my sports-themed watch faces that I have made... :cool:
  2. eye-Fone

    Clearing the Alert Badge/Indicator

    When I go into Dashboard of the iCafe app, what is the best (quickest) way to clear the Alert badge (indicator)? [see image below] In this example, I read the top six messages, but the indicator/badge is still there, showing "6". – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  3. eye-Fone

    Why Apple's New iPad isn't Able to Charge While Some Games and Apps are Running

    Why Apple's New iPad isn't Able to Charge While Some Games and Apps are Running Read article here – Sent from my iPad 3
  4. eye-Fone

    Looking for an iPad writing app with these features

    Is there such a writing app for the iPad that has all the following features (in no particular order): Allows input via keyboard Allows input via a drawing (using your finger or a stylus pen) Allows the insertion of images in the text Allows sharing in the cloud (not necessarily iCloud, but a...
  5. eye-Fone

    Alternative to OpenNotifier

    Is there an alternative to OpenNotifier on iOS 5 on my jailbroken (untethered) iPhone 4? The latest OpenNotifier crashes springboard. All I'm looking for is a status bar new mail icon, as well as a new text message icon. Thanks!
  6. eye-Fone

    Astronomy/Star Gazing Apps?

    What are everyone's recommendations for an astronomy app? I'm looking for one that takes advantage of the compass in my iPhone 4. I want something that if I hold my device up to the sky it knows what I'm looking at and give my names of constellations, of stars, and of planets.
  7. eye-Fone

    Is this covered by warranty (Apple Care)?

    I'm in the second year with my 3G and have Apple Care. I also just discovered a hairline crack in the plastic between the vibrate switch and the silver bezel. Can I get it fixed/replaced under Apple Care if I took it into a local Apple store?
  8. eye-Fone

    Swipe a photo to transfer it to another iPhone

    Have you seen the latest television commercial about the iPhone? It shows two iPhones side-by-side with some photo collage showing on both. One iPhone user swipes a photo (drags it) toward the edge of the screen toward the other iPhone. Automagically, the photo appears on the second iPhone, as...
  9. eye-Fone

    What to do? . . .

    Quiz time! . . . :032:unsure You are driving in a car at a constant speed. On your left side is a "drop off"--the ground is 18-20 inches below the level you are traveling on. On your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you. In front of you is a galloping horse, which...
  10. eye-Fone

    It seems like a new iPhone to me!

    So, I've switch to this new theme on my iPhone 3G that is called, "Macbook 3.0". I also switched my SBSettings utility to the same theme. Now, every time I use my phone, it seems like a whole new device--I love it! What a breath of fresh air for my one-year-old phone! Home screen (click it!)...
  11. eye-Fone

    What are these folders? Safe to delete?

    There is this folder structure on my PC (running Vista) and I was wondering if it was safe to delete: "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\{devicename}\" Under this folder are two subfolders: Baseband\ Panics\
  12. eye-Fone

    "Erase Data" logic?

    Has anyone used the "Erase Data" setting (Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data)? I set my device to erase the data after 10 failed passcode attempts. As an experiment, I locked my device and entered a wrong passcode. No problem, it said it was wrong and it gave me another chance. I...
  13. eye-Fone

    Get ready for the new "Guru Bar"!

    Here is a layout of the upcoming Microsoft stores, along with http//"]an article about it. Notice the "Guru Bar" in toward the back of the store. :dft002:amazed...
  14. eye-Fone

    Apple Care works!

    So, my iPhone 3G was one year old about nine days ago (the 17th of July). On the 15th, I bought the Apple Care protecton plan--two days before I couldn't buy it any more. Well, last night I noticed that the ringer/vibrate switch was broken off. I have no idea when, where, or what had...
  15. eye-Fone

    3G Jailbroken to v3.0, but NO copy-paste

    Environment: iPhone 3G 16Gb, Windows PC, jailbroken 3.0 (used RedSn0w) Problem: I can select text, but there is no "Copy" popup command. :( I successfuly upgraded to 3.0 and JB'ed it. Everything else works well, except for the above. I can select text using the two "handles" that I drag...
  16. eye-Fone

    Full-year view in Calendar?

    I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a way to display a full-year view in the calendar app. I would like to see the 12 months displayed just as months with numbers, not existing appointments, etc. It's just for reference. Am I missing something or is there absolutely no way to do this?
  17. eye-Fone

    An undocumented 2.2 feature? . . .

    This never happened before the 2.2. update. When I go to this screen: and choose "Passcode Lock" (to set the amount of time before it prompts me for a password), I now get presented with this screen: which is a good addition, IMO. However, it doesn't appear when you choose to go...
  18. eye-Fone

    More than 9 Pages of Apps--Is It Possible?

    With JB'ed phones, is it possible to have more than nine pages of apps?
  19. eye-Fone

    What the banned iPhone advert should really look like...

    Here is what the banned iPhone advertisement should really look like. :smile: "Apple was forced to pull a television advertisement in the UK for the iPhone 3G after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided it exaggerated the speed of mobile browsing. In the 30-second clip the...
  20. eye-Fone

    iPhone Cut-n-Paste Apparently Withheld Out of Spite

    iPhone Cut-and-Paste apparently withheld out of spite. ;)