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  1. JWiPhone

    iPhone X UPS driver steals iPhone X caught on surveillance.
  2. JWiPhone

    Samsung S8 and S8+

    What are your feelings about the new S8? I see a lot of positive comments even among Apple fans. I have to admit, I really do like the sleek design with the curved screen and the new home button. I do hope Apple will take some cues from this and do a significant upgrade for the iPhone 8, and not...
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    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB Ram?

    According to this article, it says that the iPhone 7 PLUS has 3 GB RAM and the 7 has 2 GB RAM.
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    A Life Change For Me

    I haven't been around this wonderful forum for awhile, and the reason is real life rearing its head. For the first time ever I'm getting married to my girl in Canada. I've always been a very private person so I like to keep my private life off the Net, but this is too big an event to not...
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    My friend sent me my old 3GS

    Years ago when I was upgrading to iPhone 4 I sold my 3GS to my friend. The other day my friend shipped it back to me as a keepsake. She still had it laying around after all these years. I was shocked how small it looked when I received. Here it is compared to my iPhone 6 Plus. I have to say...
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    Virtual Reality Headsets

    I remember reading books on VR back in the early 90s and now it is upon us. VR is already making big strides and advancing fast, with Oculus, Samsung, Sony and others. I predict that Apple will jump into this arena too in the not too distant future. I'm sure they are already designing...
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    DeleteForever by Creatix

    Very simple and nice tweak that allows you to skip the annoying step of having to delete your photos or videos twice. This allows you to bypass the Recently Deleted Album, and just delete directly from your camera roll. It is a free tweak...
  8. JWiPhone

    iH8Snow jailbroke iOS 9

    It is far from being polished but it has been done. iH8snow, who jailbroke previous iOS releases, posted the video on YouTube, 9to5Mac reports. The developer cracked the GM build of the software, which is the version that was just released, and which will likely be available to the general...
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    This looks quite good. It is a bit on the pricey side but I like all it can do $3.99 Here is another opinion about this tweak, saying that free Gridswitcher could basically do the same things.
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    Windows 10

    Do any of you with PC's plan on upgrading to the new Windows 10?. I think I will wait for about 6 months and see how reviews are, and any compatibility issues with software.
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    Google Chromecast on Sale

    If anyone has been holding out for a Google Chromecast this might be the time to buy. Amazon is offering a special deal. Buy a Google Chromecast for $29.99 and get a free $10 gift card from Amazon. This would mean you would pay $19.99 plus tax.This promotion will last until August 9th, or...
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    Apple Watch sales plunge

    This has been in the news today. Apple Watch sales in the U.S. have been below 20,000 a day, a 90% plunge since opening week.
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    Apple found defect in watch component

    I wonder what impact this will have on delivery schedule?
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    I've been away with surgery

    I've been absent the last few months. Nothing serious, but I am slowly recovering. It is kind of embarrassing to talk about, male surgery, testicles.O_o Anyway, I"m on the mend. Be gentle with me.
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    iPhone 7 Concept

    I know we are still adjusting to the newness of our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but looking ahead I rather like the looks of this concept for the iPhone 7.
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    CNN commentators hid their iPads behind the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

    I thought it was hilarious. Microsoft gave the election night commentators sponsored Surface tablets, but they used them to hide their iPads they were actually using...
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    Would you like to see a home screen on your iPhone like the Apple Watch?

    Here's a video that shows what the iPhone would be like with the Apple Watch home screen. Pretty cool what this developer did.
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    SBFlip - allows landscape mode for homescreen on non-iPhone 6 Plus

    It is free for those who have jailbroken iOS 8/8.1 with Pangu.
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    Olloclip lens for iPhone 6 and 6+

    Priced at $80 and available in late November.
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    Does anyone know what this is - some kind of setting controls?

    Appears to activate by the small 'white circle in a black square' icon in the lower right side of the screen (bottom picture)