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  1. eye-Fone

    My Sports Teams Watch Faces

    Here are more of my sports-themed watch faces that I have made... :cool:
  2. eye-Fone

    iOS 7.0.4 is out

    I just updated my iPad 3 from 7.0.3 to this latest release. It took all of six minutes. I never really saw any issues with the previous version, so I shouldn't really notice any difference. I'm waiting to update my iPhone 5. I probably won't update it anytime soon. It's a company-issued phone...
  3. eye-Fone

    First car.

    How about first electric car? :) In September I got a 2013 Volt. The iPhone integration is very nice. It works well as a USB device and it works even better as a Bluetooth device (for audio and for cell phone). Another cool feature is that I can control various aspects of the Volt from my...
  4. eye-Fone

    Enter to win the Gumdrop AirShell Case for iPhone 4/4S

    Cool. My current hard-case (clear plastic) has multiple cracks and is on its last legs. :(
  5. eye-Fone

    What did you Cook today?

    I love picatta dishes. My favorite is salmon picatta. Simply substitute a fillet of salmon for the chicken. I also like to sprinkle a generous amount of capers on top, after plating.
  6. eye-Fone

    What did you Cook today?

    Caesar-Crusted Chicken Baked chicken breasts with a Ceasar Salad/Dressing-like flavor. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  7. eye-Fone

    Does the iPad 3 retina display blow you away?

    Look at it this way, the iPad 3 is generally going to have a better resale value than the iPad 2. So, when the iPad 4 comes out (or if you wait for the iPad 5), you'll get more money from the iPad 3 than with the iPad 2. ;-) – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  8. eye-Fone

    How to use Gmail with PUSH

    Believe it or not, Google uses Microsoft Exchange mail servers to push out (and to send, for that matter) email to their mobile users. Exchange is a very powerful and scaleable high-end server. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  9. eye-Fone

    NFL 2012 Regular Season Schedules Released

    I've played in a Yahoo league for the past two years. Their iPhone fantasy league app is pretty good. If we get enough people for, let's say, six or eight teams, I can set it up. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  10. eye-Fone

    NFL 2012 Regular Season Schedules Released

    Who wants to do some Fantasy Football this coming season? We should start an eiC league. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  11. eye-Fone

    What app do you want to appear next on the Daily App Giveaway?

    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  12. eye-Fone

    It chaps my hide.

    I hate when that happens. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  13. eye-Fone


    I use Bank of America's app on both my iPhone and, now, my iPad. It makes things very convenient. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  14. eye-Fone

    Cases-- which for new iPad?

    I have the same model. I have gone two days without having to charge it. I use it on-and-off throughout the day, taking notes during meetings, surfing, emailing, texting via Google Voice. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  15. eye-Fone

    Is there any app that looks like keynote for iPad, but that you could also draw on the app

    Try Note Taker HD. I use this app in every meeting I attend. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  16. eye-Fone

    Am I the only one not using a screen protector?

    Screen protectant film is for wussies! LOL! – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  17. eye-Fone

    What's up with this icon?

    Try going into "Airplane" mode, wait about 20 seconds, then turn off "Airplane" mode. This should do the equivalent of an "ipconfig release/renew" and reconnect to the network. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  18. eye-Fone

    Does anyone hate the fact that you have to update your apps all the time?

    I strongly disagree. Yes, some applications are more buggy than others and require more updates, but many of the updates are the result of features being added. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  19. eye-Fone

    How do I add a photo as an attachment to an email

    When viewing the photo, tap the icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)
  20. eye-Fone

    Random volume icon in the middle of screen?

    Refurbs have a different serial number format. When I had a 3G, I was given two replacements and at the time, there was a thread about refurbished serial numbers. I believe refurbs started with a 5 or something–I don't recall off-hand. – Sent from my iPad 3 (64GB)