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  1. Ramesh

    FYI - Apple stores should have bands in stock

    Walked into the Apple store and bought a white sport band. They had all the sport bands in stock and non-sport bands in the back. Irritating since I ordered a white band weeks ago. But - if you want a band, head to the store if you can.
  2. Ramesh

    Issues with heart rate monitor after updating to Watch OS 1.0.1

    Anyone else having issues with the watch reading your heart rate after the update?
  3. Ramesh

    I ordered from Power Support

    I ordered crystal film covers for our iP4s. I should have them tomorrow. I'll post back with my thoughts. They were always my favorite though. I couldn't even tell they were on my previous phones.
  4. Ramesh not responding....

    I've had the same settings for gmail since they've enabled IMAP. Today, the won't connect to gmail. Any suggestions? After googling it, I tried the captcha reset, but that didn't work either.... Please don't say restore as new. Thanks. :)
  5. Ramesh

    Good gym assistant app (looking for recommendations)

    I want something that allows me to name the exercise, enter the weight and reps, and save the same of the exercise and associated info for the next workout. This pencil/notebook thing is so 2006. Any suggestions? A bonus would be some sort of chart/analytics of information input.
  6. Ramesh

    Safe to exhale?

    With all the random orders being cancelled, I assume I can breathe easier knowing mine has been shipped.... right?
  7. Ramesh

    Fantasy Football Anyone?

    I know it's early. Any eiCers care to form a league on yahoo?
  8. Ramesh

    iPad at the Gym?

    Curious if anyone brings their iPad to the gym as a book/magazine replacement....
  9. Ramesh

    I'm gonna be a musician. Just gotta learn these 4 chords Anyone seen this?
  10. Ramesh

    4.0 Beta 1 Expiration Date?

    Does anyone know when the first beta is set to expire?
  11. Ramesh

    iTeleport for iPad

    Love it. I got Jaadu VNC for iPhone when it was on sale for $5. It has been invaluable to me, so it was a no brainer to purchase the iPad version for $25. No other VNC program is as easy to use, IMO. I love it. For those looking for a good VNC client, check it out. I don't drop big bucks on...
  12. Ramesh

    My willpower lasted all of one week

    Damn. I bought an iPad today. 32GB. [sigh] Now I need a case and stand for it... Will post pics. We all love pics, right?
  13. Ramesh

    iMac Upgraded from a 3 year old Machine today

    Sold my MBP and upgraded my iMac. This is blazing fast, I love it so far. I'm scoring a MB Air from my boss for crazy cheap, so in the end, it's all a wash. Will have a faster iMac, but slow laptop. Since we keep all media and such on the iMac, it made sense to have the better machine there...
  14. Ramesh

    Love this commercial

    I'm on a horse.
  15. Ramesh

    My V-Moda earphone broke, bought some Klipsch's

    I really like these. The sound is cleaner and much more crisp than the V's. I am impressed with the in ear fit as well. Another thing I noticed is the mic/button placement is MUCH better than the Apple and V-moda earphones. Just something to keep in mind if you're in the market. Not a bad pick...
  16. Ramesh

    Free Playboy = WTF

    I came home today and there's black covered magazine. I open it, and it's Playboy! WTH? I've never ordered anything from them, not do they have any CC info. Luckily, my wife believes me - but has anyone else gotten a free playboy? BTW - I know jokes are inevitable, but I really would like an...
  17. Ramesh

    Apple can detect jailbreak remnants now?

    First - take this as a grain and consider my source. I had to get my 3Gs replaced today... again. I jokingly asked for a pre 940 and he looked at his screen and said - why? You didn't even jailbreak this one. According to him, about 6 weeks to 2 months ago, the "geniuses" can detect...
  18. Ramesh

    Dave's day out

    He bought beer.
  19. Ramesh

    My iPhone to Nexus One transition

    Thought I'd share a little of my store and experience. First, I've been an iPhone user since day one, and use Apple products exclusively except at work. Setup: The setup on my N1 (Nexus One) was dirt simple out of the box. You simply enter in your gmail credentials and it syncs everything...
  20. Ramesh

    Race to beat AT&T (help requested here)

    My wife's iPhone 3G is able to text out and call out. She is unable to receive texts or calls. Any ideas? What i've tried: rebooted reset network settings I'm on the phone w/ATT now. Can eiC beat them? Go!