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  1. jarofclay73

    Star Wars: Trench Run

    ... is in the App Store! - Okay for $4.99 this game doesn't have the best graphics. Accelerometer control is not silky smooth. But, once you tweak the controls, it's still pretty fun! So far I've only been doing the...
  2. jarofclay73

    Signals - iPhone Signal Database

    Get this while it's still free: Signals. If you have a 3G or 3GS, it will plot your current location and you can log how good (or bad) your signal strength is. Great for seeing if you're going into a bad area. Obviously, the success of this app depends on the amount of signals logged so this...
  3. jarofclay73

    syPhone - All-In-One App

    Check out this new app called syPhone. It's a to-do list, speed call, RSS reader, calendar, weather, clock, and whatever else all-in-one. At first, I look at this and I think to myself - this would be cool if you didn't have to always load it like an app. Or you could just have it up most...
  4. jarofclay73

    Agile Messenger vs. Beejive

    Anyone try both of these apps? They're both $9.99 and they both now have push notifications so I was wondering how they compare.
  5. jarofclay73

    MobileMaps: One-Time Purchase Turn-By-Turn

    You wanted it, you got it! Turn-by-turn GPS app for a one-time purchase cost. MobileMaps Australia & New Zealand - Turn-by-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation - $64.99 MobileMaps Asia - Southeast - Turn-by-Turn Voice Guided GPS Navigation - $79.99 Mobile Maps Europe - Turn-by-Turn Voice...
  6. jarofclay73

    Space Ace

    It's interesting that "Space Ace" comes out before "Dragon's Lair" on the iPhone. And it's a pretty reasonable price at $4.99. I think I'm going to get it for nostalgic reasons. I was actually better on "Space Ace" than "Dragon's Lair." I'll post after I get it.
  7. jarofclay73

    AT&T Upgrading 3G Network

    Here's a press release on AT&T's plan to upgrade its 3G network: Does anyone know how much faster HSPA will be? It's also nice knowing when AT&T will be starting 4G.
  8. jarofclay73

    Silent Hill Finally In U.S. App Store

    Silent Hill for the iPhone has been out for a while in the U.K., but it just launched in the U.S. App Store. It's competitively priced at $7.99 but what worries me is the 16.4 MB download. With 3D graphics, 16 MB doesn't seem to go very far. But, check out the video. The controls seem a bit...
  9. jarofclay73

    iHusky 3D Pet

    iHusky 3D Pet is being offered for free for now and will cost money later. It will also come with some interesting upgrades later. Check it out:
  10. jarofclay73

    Iron Fist Boxing

    Check this out it's pretty cool - Iron Fist Boxing. It's mostly boxing but there's some kicks in it so it's technically "MMA." It's in the App Store for $2.99 for now.
  11. jarofclay73

    Animoto - Video Slideshow On Your iPhone

    This is my favorite of the recent free apps in the App Store. Animoto has come out with an iPhone app that makes a video slideshow of pictures in your iPhone. You have to select music that's within the app, though. But, the results are amazing considering the short time it takes to make the...
  12. jarofclay73

    Swing Your iPhone Like A Bat! - Home Run Derby

    Not unlike iThrown, the new iPhone app Home Run Derby makes me a little nervous. With iThrown, you're always in danger of letting go of your phone and actually throwing it. With Home Run Derby you're supposed to swing your iPhone like a bat. The description also says, "The harder the swing...
  13. jarofclay73

    Comparison Of All Of My iPhone 3G Cases

    Made another video that is a comparison of all of my iPhone 3G cases. I hope you find it helpful.
  14. jarofclay73

    SIMCity Is Out!

    SimCity is in the App Store: $9.99 is a bit pricey for a 31MB game. I'll wait for a price drop.
  15. jarofclay73

    Microsoft Seadragon is an iPhone App

    Download Microsoft's Seadragon Mobile app [iTunes link]. It's free. And it's amazing. Here's a video about what the Seadragon project is all about: It's also amazing that MS has thrown its hat into the ring for developing iPhone apps. So, big blue can no longer ignore the Apple iTunes...
  16. jarofclay73

    Iron Man: Aerial Assault

    There's a new game called "Iron Man: Aerial Assault." [iTunes link] It's $7.99 at the moment and that still might be a little expensive for what you get. I don't like the use of the accelerometer for the reticle. I wish the accelerometer was used to dodge and you could touch the screen to shoot...
  17. jarofclay73

    FriendCast (or FriendAvoidance)

    There seems to be a trend in iPhone apps - apps that can leave messages on phones without actually TALKING to anyone. On Monday, slydial came out and we were amazed. Now, there is FriendCast. With FriendCast you can record a voice message and send it to ANY phone. When the person answers the...
  18. jarofclay73

    Ferrari GT: Evolution

    Here's a demo I made of the new gameloft game "Ferrari GT: Evolution":
  19. jarofclay73

    Slydial - Great, if you can get it...

    Last night, I picked up a new app called Slydial. It allows you to leave a voicemail message on someone's cell phone without bothering them with ringing. But some people I know says it's no longer available in iTunes. If you can - get it! :smile:
  20. jarofclay73

    Hero Of Sparta

    Gameloft is coming out with games fast and furiously! Brothers In Arms just came out this week. And now Hero Of Sparta is here! It looks like it will put Kroll to shame. I'm going to download it and let you know how it is! :laugh2::smile::2cool: