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  1. ednygma

    iPhone X So you ordered an are you going to carry her?

    So the race to pre-order is well on it's way. When you get your new X how are you going to carry her? Will she go naked (naughty, naughty, naughty) or will you giver her a new set of cases to protect her? If so, what kind of case do you prefer? I will most likely go with a Tech21 clear but...
  2. ednygma

    iPhone X iPhone X production may not be as slow as noted
  3. ednygma

    iPhone 6 Plus not vibrating on incoming calls

    I have not seen this asked so I apologize if I missed it (my search of the forums did not uncover it). Love my new 6+ but the phone is not vibrating when getting calls either with volume on or off. I have vibrate on ring and vibrate on silent both on under settings for sound. The vibrate does...
  4. ednygma

    Lockinfo 5 and/or IntellisceenX

    Okay, I have searched but have not been able to find a posting answering this so I apologize in advance if I missed it. I really like the tremendous amount of data that both LockInfo 5 and IntelliscreenX bring to the lockscreen on my i5 but I would rather not have my screen light up anytime...
  5. ednygma

    Lockinfo contact info?

    Does anyone have an email contact for Lockinfo? I had to replace my iPhone and it will not recognize my lockinfo purchase that I had on my original i5. I have posted on their support website but there appears to be very little in terms of answers to questions asked there. Thanks!
  6. ednygma

    i5 Jailbroken and woke up to find it DOA

    When I went to bed last night it was working fine and I plugged it in to charge but when I woke up I noticed my phone was dead. I have tried to reboot but it will not go off Apple icon. I try again holding up volume and it still will not leave Apple icon. I verified that tinyumbrella is not...
  7. ednygma

    Gmail/Contact/Calendar Help

    Okay, I am waving the white flag and asking for some help here. I have been trying unsuccessfuly to setup my google email/contacts/calendar all day to have them integrate with my i5. I had to install the gmail app to get my gmail to work on the phone but I am hoping someone smarter than me can...
  8. ednygma

    Twas the Night Before iDay

    and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even an Apple magic mouse... Okay boys and girls, it is time for us all to go to bed and dream of sugar plums and fairies or Santa won't be able to bring us our new toys!
  9. ednygma

    Anyone with a 3G having issues with their time running fast?

    I posted this in the AT&T folder also: but the synopsis is that my iPhone 3G is running about 5 minutes fast. Looking to see if others have this issue and have a way to correct it. Thanks,
  10. ednygma

    Clock running fast

    I have searched the forums and either searched incorrectly or there is nothing on this issue so I apologize in advance if I have missed something on it... I am in the Louisville, KY area and my iPhone 3G (I know...two gens behind) is running 5 minutes fast to every computer, tv, watch, clock I...
  11. ednygma

    Facebook Issues

    Is anyone else having trouble with the Facebook app making connection today?