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    How in the HECK are you guys getting HD video on YouTube

    Yes, I know I can't import it directly from the phone. Sooooo.... I open it in iPhoto, export it to a file to then open in iMovie to upload to Youtube but for some reason iMovie won't open the .MOV file that was exported from iPhoto. Help!
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    Those ordering from AT&T - Text messaging ?

    So, I went to pre-order from ATT and it seems like it works fine. I'm confused though when I go to pick the option for the 200 text message plan. I currently have the unlimited data 5/month text plan so am grandfathered so I don't have to use the new plans. But, in the options, it selects my...
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    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    I hate, hate, hate, hate my Apple case. Only for the fact that I really can't handle all of the dust, crap and smudges it attracts and it seems that I have to clean it daily and it still won't get everything off. I do love how it props the iPad up for typing purposes. It seems there aren't...
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    Anyone else having probs with the new version of iFuntastic?

    Ever since I downloaded the latest version, I'm unable to get Jailbreak to work. It keeps saying that it failed. It worked fine with the old version and I was able to put new ringtones on and such. No such luck now.
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    Problems uploading to iPhoto

    Anyone have any idea what I can do or am doing wrong? I've tried numerous times to upload my pics to iPhoto and while it recognizes the iPhone it says that there are no images to import. Yeah, too bad that I have 59 images that I've taken with my phone that I'd like to get onto my computer. I...
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    Tell us about the freaks in your line.

    Okay, granted, many would think I'm freaky in my own right but there is one guy two people ahead of me that is the biggest jerk. He is no more than 25 and showed up at 4:00. He paid someone to sit for him (I think it was someone that works for him, a Hispanic fellow that I had fun chatting...
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    My iTunes/iPod is mess! Trying to get ready for iPhone!

    HELP! I realized the other day that my iPod has some 450 songs, but there are only 155 or so on my MacBook since it was a new purchase after I had thing on my iPod. How the heck do I get the songs from the iPod to iTunes to prepare for the sync. Or, do you think it will be possible to just...
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    Music sync question..

    Okay, this is probably a lame question for you iPod heads but I can't figure this out for the life of me. I'm trying to get my iTunes set up for my iPhone on Friday. I've got some 450 songs on my iPod, but for some reason, only 155 on iTunes. I'm assuming it's because I have the other songs...