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    How does the World Clock work?

    Remember the difference between London, England and Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) GMT (now called Universal Time Coordinated - UTC) never changes even though it's in the same Time Zone as London England. London does change during the daylight savings/standard time changes. Make sure you're set...
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    Calendar Colors

    Same issue here. The colors don't match with those that I have set in iCal on my iMac. Thank you in advance.
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    If I wait until the iPhone 3G is unlocked (and it will be)

    can I use it on my original iPhone data plan which is $10 cheaper and includes 200 free SMS per month? My thought would be to buy an unlocked 3G from a reputable third party and then simply use it with the SIM card from my original iPhone 2G. Does this sound like it could work? Thank you...
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    Upgrade old iPhone before activating new?

    I was at the Apple store yesterday getting a warranty replaced iPhone 3G, and I spoke with a Genius at the bar. I told him that I'd be getting the 3G soon and what functionality the 2G iPhone will have. He said it can still be used as an iPod touch and a WiFi only internet device as long as...
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    iPhone 3G and Apple $100 rebate.

    That's exactly why I never spent my $100 rebate. I was saving it for this. and now the time has come.
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    If I get new iPhone 3G can I still use my old one as a "spare" if battery dies etc.?

    I can't see why not since it's probably just a SIM card swap but I'd appreciate answers from those with more knowledge than me.
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    Any word whether Apple or third parties will sell a 3GiPhone dock adapter?

    OK. Thanks. I'll check the site.
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    Any word whether Apple or third parties will sell a 3GiPhone dock adapter?

    I know that the 3G dock is now sold separately but those of us who have the iPhone bluetooth headset with the dual dock would really benefit from an adapter for the 3G model. Any news or info. on this?
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    Swap SIM card between v1 and 3G phone?

    My question also. What if iPhone 3G battery dies and I want to quick swap the SIM on my original iPhone? I can't see how this won't work.
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    Official Using Videora for DVD to iPhone Video Conversion

    Is Videora availablle for Mac OS Leopard? It seems like it's only a Microsoft program? Anyone know?
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    Convert .rm videos to iPhone using iMac (Intel)?

    Hello, I have some older Real Media videos (.rm) files that I'd like to convert to iPhone format on my new iMac but my Roxio Crunch doesn't support the .rm format. Are there any Apple compatible products that do - either free or paid for? Thank you in advance. GSY
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    Relocate speaker on iPhone 2 anyone?

    I find that I often cover the speaker with my fingers when holding the iPhone and using it as a speakerphone, thus creating a muffled sound. Not a big deal but slightlly annoying. To solve this I would like to see iPhone 2 have the speaker and mic on the top, near the headphone jack, while...
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    iPhone has lost all sound.....PLEASE HELP

    Make sure the switch on the side was not accidentally set to silent mode. Sounds simple but that happeneded to me.
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    iPhone rang but screen wouldn't wake up?

    It may be that you had Safari loading a webpage in the background. Same thing happened to me while I was loading a content heavy page in the background. I cleared the browser and all seemed fine then. I was using EDGE at the time and you can't use the internet and the phone at the same time...
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    Is there a "backup" application?

    OK. Thanks. Syncing with the computer sounds adequate to protect the data. I guess settings can always be re-done if necessary. Thank you.
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    Is there a "backup" application?

    I am presently using a Palm Treo 700p with a third party backup program installed. The backup has saved me a good number after hard resets needed during OS freezes. Is there a way to do a daily backup on the iPhone either with iTunes or other software? This is a key issue for me and I'm sure...
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    Future 3G capabilities of iPhone

    I am very interested in the iPhone but not "crazy" about the EDGE download speed being spoiled on Verizon's fast (but expensive) EVDO data speed. Not knowing much about the innner workings of handheld devices I was wondering if Apple/Cingular ever equip the iPhone with 3G capabilities, would...
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    Is June 11th release date for AT&T (Cingular) only or for Apple stores as well?

    I's much rather play with it at the Apple store but the announcements only say AT&T. Any word?
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    Voice Mail Listings: How does the phone "know" to list the callers?

    Interesting ... Thank you.
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    Voice Mail Listings: How does the phone "know" to list the callers?

    The voice mail list looks very interesting but how does the iPhone "know" the names of the callers to list? Is this something that the caller has to type in, something that the user types in for later reference, voice recognitgion, or some other process. If it requires "typing" this could be...