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  1. Santa

    What shows are you watching?

    Wow. That's quite an advertisement for penny! Might have to check it out.
  2. Santa

    What is the best password manager?

    I'm also a big fan of avoiding paying for software when I can. But I'm really not a fan of these approaches. Unless your disks are well encrypted, if someone gets a hold of one of your devices, your spreadsheet is available to them. The same goes for storing your passwords in browsers...
  3. Santa

    iPhone 7 One report claims iPhone 7 Plus may have a 256 GB option

    That's what I'm hoping. I've got a 128Mb model now and am doing an OK job of living within that space. (Way better than I did with only 64Gb). I'm really hoping that if they bump the storage the bump all 3 layers: 32/128/256. One article I read said the new phone would offer 32/64/256Gb. I...
  4. Santa

    What is the best password manager?

    I loved msecure, but we switched to LastPass a year ago and it works quite well. $1/month for all our PCs, Android and iOS devices.
  5. Santa

    Official random thread

    Yes it probably is good it doesn't have feelings:
  6. Santa

    Official random thread

    I kept waiting for the robot to punch that dude.
  7. Santa

    Let's post some fun stuff here

    Hey!!! Aren't personal attacks like that against the iCafe rules?!?
  8. Santa

    What shows are you watching?

    Missed this post. She was awesome. But I must admit I voted for Gaby.
  9. Santa

    How does Apple Music compare to Spotify, other services?

    So far, these are the two big benefits of Apple Music over Rhapsody. It "guesses" at what I like better. And of course because it's the apple solution it works with Siri without having to jailbreak. The downside is that the recommended playlists are short. Rhapsody's "curated" lists are much...
  10. Santa

    How does Apple Music compare to Spotify, other services?

    I can really only compare it to rhapsody which I've been using for years. After playing with it for a few minutes : On the plus side is recommended paylists seem better. And the family pricing is better. On the minus side (some of these might not be true since really only spent a short time...
  11. Santa

    Do you NOT use iMessage?

    Now don't start with FaceTime... that's a whole 'nother story
  12. Santa

    MacBook Apple express router or normal router

    That's a great price!
  13. Santa

    What's your favorite Weather app?

    I feel better. I know you're not a chump!
  14. Santa

    What's your favorite Weather app?

    Wow. I feel like a chump. I just use the Yahoo Weather app.
  15. Santa

    MacBook Apple express router or normal router

    I've had the ASUS RT-AC66U since a bit after it was released (2 yrs ago?). Have Merlin installed. It's been rock solid. More reliable and speedy than anything I've had before. We've got a small home business and it get's pounded pretty hard sometimes. When it dies, I'll almost certainly try...
  16. Santa

    Google Play Music is an excelllent place to backup your entire iTunes collection

    That is very good news! I'm getting close to running out of space, and I was pondering setting up a 2nd google ID. This is much simpler
  17. Santa

    Verizon Advanced Router vs. Quantum Gateway Router

    If you're going to spend money on a router upgrade, I'd think about going ASUS, and just using your current router as a modem. I'd certainly go non-Verizon. You'll get more for your money.
  18. Santa

    Post Your Last Purchase

    I'm jealous
  19. Santa

    AT& orders

  20. Santa

    Post your jailbroken iOS 8 homescreen

    Finally broke down last night and did some themeing. You all inspired me.