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    Delay in receiving text messages?

    Is anyone else seeing a short or long delay between when someone sends you a text message and when you receive it? It's been happening to me a lot more frequently recently and it's really annoying. For instance last night around 10pm someone sent me a text message and I got it at 11:14 this...
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    Belkin Car Charged doesn't work with 3G

    I just got my iPhone 3G and I'm sad to say that the car charger I've used for all my ipods and my first gen iPhone,, doesn't work with the new iPhone 3G. :( When I plug it in a yellow triangle pops up that says "This...
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    iPhone 3G service on Long Island

    Hey guys, I was wondering about the iPhone 3g service on Long Island. The map on the ATT website says that the 3G service is only in Nassau and Manhattan, have you found that to be true? Any hope of catching the service out in Suffolk?
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    Lost Some Alert Sounds?

    Has this happened to anyone/know what to do to fix it? Randomly the following sounds don't work on my phone: New Voicemail, New Text Message, New Mail, Sent Mail, Calendar Alerts, Lock Sounds, and Keyboard Clicks. NO my phone is not on silent. The sounds aren't played when I get an alert like a...
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    Original Icons

    Does anyone have the original icons so you can just replace them instead of having to restore the iPhone? I tried a search and didn't find anything.
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    crystal film set help?

    I have the worst effing luck with these stupid things. Does anyone know how to clean them? I tried to put both of them on and both times there wound up being a piece of dust or cat hair in between the screen and the film, or my fingerprint would be left on the sticky side so it wouldn't stay...
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    Optimum Online E-mail Woes

    So I just found this info on the Optimum Online website...
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    Weird e-mail issue

    I have 4 email accounts on my iPhone, 2 POP3s, 1 IMAP, and a Gmail. Gmail works perfectly always. The other 3 e-mails work perfectly when connected to Wifi, but when I only have EDGE it's a different story. When connected through EDGE those three accounts receive e-mail perfectly but they...
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    Port phone number after activation?

    Is there a way for me to port my telephone number from Verizon to my iPhone if I didn't transfer my phone number during activation? Basically I'm asking, If I were to sign up as a new customer with AT&T, activate my iPhone and have them give me a new number, can I call Verizon and still have...
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    Restart Activation

    Does anyone know if there is a way to restart your activation? I'm on the phone with AT&T and that's what they said I need to do but we can't figure out how to do it because they don't know anything about iTunes and I can't get a hold of anyone from Apple.
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    They Have Arrived!

    The iPhones were just delivered to our Apple store, and boy was it a sight. A bunch of Apple employees ran outside to accept the delivery and they looked very excited. Then a store manager yelled over to all of us in line "This is it!" So just how many came? There were 20 brown boxes, and...