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  1. latinnftl

    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    Precious! Precious! One case to rule them all, One case to hide my phone. One case to cover all and in the blackness bind it. In my pocket it should be!
  2. latinnftl

    3G April 30th

    Actually, what Apple says on its Website ( is that pre-ordered iPads "will be delivered to US customers who’ve pre-ordered on Friday, April 30 . . ." They will obviously be shipped in advace to make that date, my guess being Monday.
  3. latinnftl

    Shipping Change?

    I saw the thread on the other board. I'm not sure where folks are seeing it on their own order. My order, which included not only the iPad but also the case and keyboard still just says 2-3 day shipping.
  4. latinnftl

    iPad ready for shipment

    Me 2 Well, I've now joined the club of folks who have pending charges on my CC for my Wifi+3G. The charges are all over the place, 4 total ones and they total the full amount but do not match the Apple stores prices.
  5. latinnftl

    iPad ready for shipment

    Finally got through to an actual person at Apple. Said the order was still on for late April delivery, no other comment. Weird.
  6. latinnftl

    iPad ready for shipment

    9 to 5 is reporting that folks credit cards are being charged and orders are showing as ready to ship--including 3G versions. I just called the Apple customer service and sure enough it does say that my 3G 64GB is "prepared for shipment"; however, my credit card has not yet been charged.
  7. latinnftl

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    HI folks! I'm an iPhone user (and soon to be iPad I think) in Fort Lauderdale. Have enjoyed the forums, mostly as a reader, over the last couple of years. These are such a great resource, especially when something goes wrong!
  8. latinnftl

    When to purchase

    For those of us who remember waiting for the first gen of the iPhone it was sort of the same story, along with the FCC notice. I'm sure the snowing of the federal government the last 2 days isn't going to help the process :)
  9. latinnftl

    iWork questions

    Sorry to ask, but when you do a document in iWork can you save the file and send it in a format that is readable in Word? I'm a PC user (no tomato throwing) :)
  10. latinnftl

    Can't send/receive text msgs

    I live in Fort Laud and needless to say we have lots of folks with iPhones. I've done some casual polling and almost everyone reports some kind of problems with text messages. Either slow to go out, disappearing, or showing up 2 or 3 days after they were sent. Something's up.
  11. latinnftl

    Bluetooth problem sign of other issues?

    I updated to OS 3.1.3 when it came out and a few days later I noticed the Bluetooth stopped syncing with my car first (Prius 09--worked fine since I got my 3GS last year) and then with my Motorola headset, which also previously worked fine. Got the car to pair with the phone last night (after...
  12. latinnftl

    My iPhone 3GS will no longer back up with iTunes?

    Same here. I really started noticing after upgrading to 3.1.3. During the initial upgrade and just now when I had to do a restore (see my post on Bluetooth problems) it wouldn't sync and then after I got it to start the sync I get an error message that the phone cannot be synced because the...
  13. latinnftl

    Slide to unlock/answer problems.

    I too have started to have this problem, but not just when I'm answering a call. If the phone is not being used, but powered up, and I press the home key the slide to unlock will appear but when I run my finger over it there's no response. It takes a few get goes at it.
  14. latinnftl

    No Tunes after Syncing?

    I'm having the same problem, I think it's due to trying to sync two phones to the same iTunes. I have my old 3G and my 3GS and I notice that when I sync just the 3GS no problems, the moment I sync the old 3G and then sync the 3GS iTunes deletes all the music off of the 3GS and has automatically...
  15. latinnftl

    People wont buy two data plans

    It will have bluetooth capabilities: Wireless and cellular Wi-Fi model Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology Wi-Fi + 3G model UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) Data only2 Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR...
  16. latinnftl

    Apps that moved beyond page 11

    Help! I was rearranging apps and had them spaced out, and some accidentally went beyond page 11 so now I can only find them using Spotlight. Does anyone know how to reverse and get the apps back to being icons once there's space? How do you delete an app that's only on the spotlight. Thanks!
  17. latinnftl

    No limit to number of apps anymore in 3.0

    I was rearranging apps and some of them went past page 11 and so now they only show up with the Search option. Does anyone know how to get them back to Icons?
  18. latinnftl

    Phone speaks certain words

    I have the accessibility off. Now and then the phone speaks certain words when I'm writing them in an email. has anyone had the experience? Can't figure out what activates it.
  19. latinnftl

    Easter Egg hunt for 100 new features!

    Voice I'm not sure how to duplicate it, but the phone has done it twice. I have the voice accessbility off, but I have noticed that one some words when I'm typing an email if I tap on the word the phone says the word to me. Anyone else have this appear on there phone?
  20. latinnftl

    So its is 1:49 AM EST and I still DID NOT get my delivery confirmation.

    Rec'd I ordered my black 32G from Apple on Monday at 5:45 PM. I received the confirmation of shipment today at about 10 AM and I just checked on FedEX and it's in Memphis. I bet the status of accounts and ATT may also be part of some of the problems.