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  1. fsas06

    iTunes error 8010

    I noticed this error about 2 days again, so I'm not sure if it's happened before. But 2 days ago we changed internet companies and now iTunes gives me that error 8010, and its says I need to check the connection to the Internet. iTunes Store loads up and I'm on the Internet so it is connected...
  2. fsas06

    ifFound crashing

    so i downloaded iffound tweak and i was having problems getting the close screen button to show up. now that its showing up my phone crashes when you click the close button here are the settings i have. Button Trigger iffound Activate iffound steath email If Found Window Activation...
  3. fsas06

    jailbreak areas of this forum don't show up in the app?

    so using the icafe app, i don't see the modifications and jailbreak category and when you click to search by name, nothing show up under iphone jailbreak. am i looking this up wrong or does the app not have that sub area added ?
  4. fsas06

    help ! theres something wrong with reddit...or chrome

    i had an image "zoomer" or in-larger like hover zoom, but i was a different one and i cant think of the name. anyways it was acting up so i went to remove the chrome extension and now i have this problem on reddit that images are pixelated. iv alread uninstalled chrome, and iv reinstalled my...
  5. fsas06

    deleted the pangu app phone, every 3rd lock causes safe mode

    i deleted the pangu app because i don't think its needed anymore, now when i lock my phone every 3rd lock causes the phone to respring into safe mode. any ideas ?
  6. fsas06

    hot phone and fast battery drain...

    for some reason my phone is getting a bit warm, not burning hot, but not a normal temp for my normal usage. my battery seems to be draining a bit faster as well. heres a pic of my batterylife app and a "top" command from MT does anyone have ideas ?
  7. fsas06

    experiencing some problems with my phone, not sure if its jailbreak related?

    im not sure if this is going to be the right place to ask since im not sure if this is jailbreak related or not...but here it goes lol im not sure if its a tweak or not but my phone is always asking me to sign into iCloud even tho when i go into the iCloud settings i see the log out option. and...
  8. fsas06

    Anyone having log in problems?

    First I want to say I am jailbroken 8.1, never had iCloud log in problems until maybe yesterday. It keeps asking me to input my password but when I go to the setting it shows that I'm actually still logged in because at the bottom of the settings it says log out. Any one have Ideas?
  9. fsas06

    How to install Cydia Substrate?

    So, are there steps on how to manually install cydia but how do i install the substrate?
  10. fsas06

    Is Devious Dungeon an iOS version of Rogue Legacy?

    Has anyone one played both of these games? From reading the description it sounds like it, but some of the reviews said its not so random.
  11. fsas06

    iTunes isn't adding music I put in my playlist

    I'm trying to add more songs to my phone, I added the albums i wanted to my playlist. When i sync all iTunes says is "syncing art work", it doesn't add the new music. I've even deleted some music from the same playlist and it didn't remove the music. Any ideas? This is the first time something...
  12. fsas06

    Question about rom names in nds4ios

    I'm hoping i can ask this here, I'm not asking how or where to get roms but how to get the right names to show up inside of Nds4ios. here in iTunes you can see the games are named (randomizer, black 2) , but in the app they don't show like that. Any ideas?
  13. fsas06

    Contact pictures, do they need to stay in Photos?

    I was going to add some contacts photos, but it looks like they have to have the pictures saved in the Photos app. I deleted the pictures and some of the contacts pictures are gone, but others are still there. Ny cousin has photos assigned to contacts and has deleted the photos, but they are...
  14. fsas06

    Double feature movies?

    iTunes has a sale on super hero double feature movies, the download size is 9 gigabytes. Does that put both movies in one file or are they both individual files?
  15. fsas06

    Can't send iMessages or use WiFi on iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 8.0.2

    I went to pick my cousin up from school and while i was at the school all networking stopped working. I cant send or receive messages, my wifi doesn't work even tho it says I'm connected. I've reset my connection settings and I updated from 8.0 to 8.0.2 and still nothing.
  16. fsas06

    Launcher widget

    has anyone used the new launcher widget with the new ios8 update ? its an app that you can add quick launch icons to apps into your notification center. you can add custom apps and make your own icons...has anyone made there own icons ? how easy or hard was it ? do you do this on your phone or...
  17. fsas06

    New gif keyboard app

    so there is a new gif keyboard app but the app comes with a bunch of gifs that i don't want and they are also to small when sent in a text, can i delete these so how ?
  18. fsas06

    Video can't be synced to iphone

    im trying to put the dark knight rises on my iphone, its in mp4 format and its only 1.79 gig so i don't know why it cant be played on my phone. any ideas ? iv just put 3 other mp4 videos on my phone so i don't know why this is working
  19. fsas06

    Complete my bundle price higher than app itself?

    i already have the first 2 infinity blade games, and i hear the 3rd runs really good on the 6+. so i was gonna get (still am) the 3rd and i see the bundle priceing. the complete my bundle price is 9.00, but to buy the app its self is 6.99. so why it the complete my bundle price 9$ ?
  20. fsas06

    Installed forecast+ widget, how do i get rid of the regular weather notification?

    how do i get rid of the other weather info ?