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  1. i robot

    replacement rear panel

    Hi all I dropped my iPhone 4 and smashed the rear panel (2 foot drop):mad:. I was looking to see if anyone could recommend a desent replacement. My phones out of warranty and not insured (i knew the risks). I look at ifixit but they seem really pricey...but maybe they're are worth it for the...
  2. i robot

    iPad iOS beta 4.2 expired

    Hi All woke up this morning and my ipad screen had the connect to iTunes screen. I'm running the 4.2 beta 2 and when I connected to iTunes it said the software had expired. I'm downloading beta 3 now but I'm frightened i'm going to wipe my iPad with the new beta. Will the new beta allow me to...
  3. i robot

    iPad supply

    Hi All, looking on jealously at all the iPad discussion from over here in the emerald isle. We are due for a July release but still haven't an exact release date.:dft006:unhappy I will be ordering 2 one as a present for my father-in-laws 60th and one for ME. But I have a question for all you...
  4. i robot

    Never mind the competition ‘we’re’ the competition

    In my pondering over the new iPad announcement I can’t help but think that Apple is combusting over its new found place in the market. As in many ways the only genuine competition for Apple lies with in its own product line-up, Apple is now its own mini cartel. Many of its product’s are aimed...
  5. i robot

    where to buy iTunes vouchers in USA (Atlanta)

    Hi my brother who is based in the states wants to buy iTunes vouchers for his two sons who recently received iPods for their birthdays. He not very computer savey and doesn't want to buy them online. I've been in the states a few times and have purchased my Apple products but have never had the...
  6. i robot

    The iPhone software update could not be contacted bla bla bla

    Hi All I running 2.2 on my stock version 1 iPhone (on my mac) and have complete a number of upgrades in the past but for about a week know I have been trying to update it to the latest 2.2.1 firmware. However every time I choose the update i get the above message (see thread title). At first...
  7. i robot

    Mobile me and Google sync

    Hi I am a mobile me subscriber but I am tempted to move my calendar and contact sync to the newish google sync as I loooveee my google calendars. Before I do so I want to check one very important thing. If I move to gsync for calendars and contacts will I still be able to use the mobile me push...
  8. i robot

    DivX to .mp4 conversion

    Hi All just wondering if anyone knows of a free tool that will convert divx to mp4. I'm going down the free route as i don't have many to convert and don't really want to spend big bucks. I have quick time pro but I don't think this will recognize divx Any pointers welcome
  9. i robot

    A. Bold move

    Well I am an Apple fanboy but at work we use Blackberrys and few days ago I was upgraded to an BOLD. I have to say this is a very neat device. I know people harp on about the things that are missing from the iPhone but I had forgotten how good the blackberry features are. Ok there's no touch...
  10. i robot

    Rotten Apple

    Rotten Apple 3G advert pulled in UK. "An Apple iPhone advert has been banned by the advertising standards watchdog for exaggerating the phone's speed." Thoughts?
  11. i robot

    red entry

    Just entered a few appointments on my iPhone. for some reason one appeared in red (not the usual blue or green). While one appointment went to mobile me the red appointment is on the phone but doesn't seem to upload. What obvious thing am I missing? I only have work and home calendars
  12. i robot

    SIMpilfy media share

    hi I have simlify media on my mac and iPhone. Problem is I haven't many mates interested in music or iPhones for that matter so i have 20 invites left. I was wondering if anyone out there is interested in linking up playlists. I have over 5000 tracks mostly UK based. Two rules/exceptions I don't...
  13. i robot

    Playing music stored on iPhone via iTunes

    This is probably old news but I just hadn't pick up on it. I remember not being able to listen to my iPhone music via iTunes (it was greyed out). It seems that now I can whoopie! When did this slow have I been! Sorry if its old news
  14. i robot

    Moving movies PC to Mac

    Hi All I want to get a number of Childrens shows on to my kids iPods from iTunes for a LONG plane journey to the states in the next few weeks. The problem is my broadband connection at home is very poor at the moment 1mb if I was very luck, usually half that (i live in a remote location). I...
  15. i robot

    Apple's "Let's Rock" special event

    Hi All Is there anywhere that I can catch the Apple event tomorrow? A link would be great. Sorry but I cant find anyone providing it. Oh yeah what time is it kicking off Thanks
  16. i robot

    Software to rip and combine episodes into one file

    Hi Guys/Gals I am using handbrake but unfortunately when I try to rip any of my Series DVD's it seems to choose one episode and thats that. Is there any software out there that will rip and join multiple episodes from the same DVD to either save to file for conversion with handbrake for my...
  17. i robot

    New Microsoft add campaign begins!

    Well what ya think is Bill a better actor than Steve
  18. i robot

    Google to Launch a Shiny New Browser

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I read on 9to5mac about Google's new chrome browser. Looks very interesting, no Mac version yet but I am sure this will come. for those who like the way Google do things (and I am one of them) this looks cool. Its available for beta download tomorrow.
  19. i robot

    Watch out Apple a storm is coming!

    Well the Blackberry Thunder is going to be the Blackberry Storm by all accounts. Should Apple get worried? Sorry if this has been posted before........... via engadget Its nice to see more competition
  20. i robot

    Is this the worst tag line ever?

    Is this the worst tag line for an app so far 'iGong'....."Remember the days when you used to dream of owning that shining gong in the window" Well do you? What the hell?:tounge: Have you seen worse than this?