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  1. rebelace

    Bug I ran into. People who changed them SIM key look.

    Ok last night I was using my phone (I have changed my sim code) and all of a sudden the screen went black I said wtf? and hit the wake button and it flashed and came back up and said no service then sim locked and asked for my code. Anyone else have this happen?
  2. rebelace

    First clear pictures of a iPhone in the wild. This makes me feel awesome. Every pic or video we have seen has been pretty low quality and the Apple videos make me think the screen was fake it was so pretty but here ya go proof. They work for a site that does a podcast and they just...
  3. rebelace

    Google CEO Eric Schmidt showing off his iPhone

    It was in a big long 40min video so I took the liberty of editing it to the good part and uploading it to my account.
  4. rebelace

    So I tried something today and it worked.

    So there was this story on Digg awhile back that showed a video of a guy using his skull to boost his car remote I refer you to the digg story here Well anyway I was at work today and it hot as hell outside literally and my...