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  1. jerni

    DVD to DVD question

    I've seen a lot of questions about DVD to iPad/iPhone. Well my issue is burning the ripped DVD to another DVD just a good ol copy. I've tried a couple of programs to convert the discs handbrake, MDRP (Mac DVD Ripper Pro), Burn none of them are doing what I need. On one hand the disc will play in...
  2. jerni

    Any IT/computer science people here?

    So in this difficult economic time I made a difficult but necessary decision to quit my job of 7 years to stay home with my medically fragile son. Well I'm taking the opportunity to go back to school and I'm just trying to figure out which route to go. My first question is IT pros what...
  3. jerni

    I hate iTunes now! Who's with me?

    I don't get it. Why?!? I guess the change was too drastic for me. And syncing my iPad is taking for ever. And I want to know why it says my ipad is 20gb over capacity with "other" wtf is the "other" so i can delete it. People enlighten me!
  4. jerni

    Soon to be obsolete

    My wonderful hubby got me an iPad mini for Christmas. Which, how it works in my house, the hand me down begins. He then got my ipad 2 32gb AT&T model and my 6 year old daughter gets his gen 1 16gb AT&T iPad. Well she doesn't need a camera or any of the other features that have recently come out...
  5. jerni

    Don't kick me out for my question. ;)

    Where do I go to find fun knowledgeable people like you guys to help me with Samsung Note? I'm taking one for a ride for 30 days but 2 days in I'm struggling. It's been like a culture shock. I've had iPhones for about 4 years so it's an adjustment. Any advice from my trusted Apple users?
  6. jerni

    Doomsday prepping

    I just wanted to get some opinions. Most preppers won't actually admit they are preppers bc it makes them a target. But what do you guys think about doomsday prepping, the shows doomsday preppers, and doomsday bunkers? There a lot of opinions on what will cause the fallout of society, if it'll...
  7. jerni

    iPod hooked to Mac then windows

    I put 1100 songs on my brother in laws 160gb classic from my MacBook. But then he went to connect it to his laptop a windows machine it told him a restore needed to be done. 'iTunes couldn't read the iPod because it was formatted for Mac' I've never had this happen but I also don't remember ever...
  8. jerni

    PS3 Yellow light of death

    My PS3 has died. Which it had a good life it was the huge 20gb like first gen. Anyway with the help of iFixit I was going to try and fix it. The logic was we planned on getting another one anyway so if I fixed it great 2 PS3s if not oh well. So I took it apart... Before buying the thermal pads...
  9. jerni

    Kno app

    What are people using for textbooks out there? I found this app called Kno (anyone who plays Words w/ friends has seen the ad). Well it's really great. So far. I bought a textbook for less than half the price of its paper copy. Not only does it have highlight option you write notes (type or...
  10. jerni

    MacBook Networking hard drive.

    I'm looking to get a new external harddrive. I have a WD portable that I store media on and another WD portable that I do Time Machine on. Well the other day I dropped my media drive and now it's been damaged and is "read-only". And my time machine harddrive has a lose plug or cable that...
  11. jerni

    I'm passionate!

    I want to become Apple Technician Certified. Independently. I applied and was offered a job at our local Apple Store because the pay was a drop and the drive made it less attractive but the experience I would have gained would have been invaluable to me. So I want to take the next step on my...
  12. jerni

    Tax season

    Following Christmas time the dreaded for some, delightful for others, tax season arrives. My question is will I be able to write off my iPad as a school expense?
  13. jerni

    Kindle Fire vs Nook Tablet

    Fellow iOS lovers, sometimes we have to take our heads out of Siri's virtual butt and acknowledge there are other devices out there. (i kid i kid) My boss is asking my opinion about Nook vs K-Fire. After looking at both they're both really solid devices, with a major downfall lack of 3G...
  14. jerni

    MacBook Customizing desktop

    I was on lifehacker and saw some really amazing desktops with active clocks, fonts, and icons. How do I do that?
  15. jerni

    Halo: Reach armor

    I love playing Halo Reach but my husband quickly becomes frustrated because his armor is only at 33% and most opponents are at 100%. He swears they have codes or there is some kind of conspiracy. So what's the secret? How do I earn credits quick? What do I need to do to get his armor upgraded?
  16. jerni

    iPad/MacBook prank

    I did something pretty cool, cruel and funny to my husband. While I was at work I did remote access to my MacBook via iTeleport on my iPad. My husband was home, I turned on my iTunes and Photobooth. I meant to play some R&B but instead blasted Eminem. Oops. So I'm at work watching from my...
  17. jerni

    Weather advisory...

    Bad weather in GA
  18. jerni


    My mom in law has an old Dell we gave to her. Well, some kind of way malware, spyware, aka porn has infected her pc. I know when I was using a Windows machine I used adaware but does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to get rid of the garbage? She doesn't want to spend any money on it...
  19. jerni

    Mac App Store: Photography

    I've never really used iPhoto for my photos but I'm seeing that it's very bottom of the barrel in photo editing. What are your (reasonably priced) suggestions for photo editing out of the Mac App Store? It's funny that my mobile devices have better capabilities in photo editing that my...
  20. jerni

    MacBook Latest OS X update

    ... Killed my MacBook. I'll have to check on my hubby MacBook to see what version it was. Has anyone had this happen? Any suggestions? It's not in warranty it's the first gen unibody. The updates that were done was the latest iTunes, a security update and an OS update. I've tried resetting the...