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  1. JoeT

    Some people are gonna come into some serious money... was registered in 1997, and iPad was trademarked for use as a computer in July. I guess those companies will see a ton of money from Apple to free those both up....
  2. JoeT

    My reveal

    Well, it sure has taken me a long time to get to this point; over 2 years! I guess I don't really have much to say most of the time. Hi folks, I'm Joe. I'm a very young 40 years old, and live with my wife and 3 children in Tampa, FL. However, I am currently in Mosul, Iraq managing an ISP...
  3. JoeT

    Feeling lucky on the Google Nexus

    When you dial somebody on a Google phone, is there an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button? That would be great for single people. (Stolen from a friend on Facebook)
  4. JoeT

    iTunes Store URLs no longer open iTunes?

    For some reason, when I click on any iTunes store URL, instead of iTunes opening and going to that URL, I get the web page inviting me to download iTunes. I have re-installed iTunes and still get the same behavior. Anyone know why this is happening? Platform is Vista 64-bit.
  5. JoeT

    Here's a good reason to avoid the BB Storm (or any Verizon phone..)

    Apparently my Verizon aircard (or any Verizon handset trying to access their data network) will be unable to do so for the next 3 hours while they upgrade their billing system. No, there's no notice, and no way to look at any kind of outage schedule. Basically, you're screwed, and they really...
  6. JoeT App Released

    Looks like it has some nice features...
  7. JoeT

    Macs are safe from viruses! Not so much...

    Perhaps Apple will include this in the next Mac vs. PC commercial? :laugh2:
  8. JoeT

    Anyone know of a TV Episode DVD Ripper?

    Does anyone know of a DVD ripper that properly handles TV show compilations? You know, like ER Season 1 or M*A*S*H Season 5, etc. I'd like to find an app that will rip each episode and send it to iTunes with the proper name, season name, and episode number -- and have it show as a TV show...
  9. JoeT "At Bat" App Review

    Well, I plunked down the $4.99 for your benefit.... The good: Live scoring (box scores, current pitcher and batter, ball/strike/out count, bases graphic) for games in progress, final scores for games that have ended (Box score, W/L pitchers) and mini-previews of future games (Start time...
  10. JoeT

    Pre-release iPhone information

    To paraphrase William Shatner: "You iPhone pre-release geeks! Get a life!" Seriously, I'm about ready to scream over all the hypeposting... It'll be released when it's released, and you'll have all the details then - not just the scraps of half-truths and unconfirmable rumors that everyone...
  11. JoeT

    Playtime is over! How do you use your iPhone professionally?

    We've all played the tunes, watched the videos, and entertained the kids with Elmo. We've played with Dress Up and Band, iPhysics'ed ourselves silly, and Google Maps'ed the local Starbucks. But when it comes right down to it, the iPhone is a pretty darn handy device for our...
  12. JoeT

    Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak.....

    That's what I was singing the other night.. And it happened. I finally caved when I found out that I'd have to wait 4 more months for apps.. So I gave in and did it, and now have questions to which the searchable answers seem dated. 1. Installer sources - what's good/what's crap? 2...
  13. JoeT

    Windows MP3-AAC converter

    Got a lot of (already shortened) MP3s you wanna convert to AAC for ringtones? Hate doing it in iTunes? Wanna do a bunch at once? You want this: Open source, made for the iPod touch...
  14. JoeT

    New Ringtones

    I made a bunch of ringtones for myself and decided to share them with the EIC community. Have at 'em!
  15. JoeT

    My thread to rant about the !^%@$^! EMAIL program

    OK, if there was a reason to return the iPhone and go back to my Treo, the mail application is IT. Now, I get emails where the first two preview lines appear but then the email itself has "not been downloaded from the server" when you click on it. I've had emails where the email has the "not...
  16. JoeT

    Yum yum yum! Daddy needs another headset now!

    Well, my 2-year-old just munched the Apple headset into oblivion, and so I am stuck with a problem. I really don't want to spend $30 on another so-so Apple headset, but I am loathe to spend $100 on the pricier models like the V-Moda or Skullcandy. Anyone seen a decent set more around the...
  17. JoeT

    Wrote my first webapp....

    I converted my old Treo/WM compatible ham radio callsign lookup application to an iphone-compatible version. If you're a ham, I think you'll like this. If you're not, you'll be bored to tears. :) It's my first effort, so be kind. :)
  18. JoeT

    Dumb Amazon Recommendation Of The Day

    Didja ever notice how Amazon's "Buy this item with this other item sometimes gets a tad borked? :D 'Cause you know that you can't plug those iPhone V-Modas into an iPhone...
  19. JoeT

    Are we on legacy AT&T or Cingular?

    Or have the two companies merged the networks so completely that it's a moot point?
  20. JoeT

    Apple "Do Not Mod" warning posted at Apple Store

    Saw this tonight while at the Apple store. It wasn't there last time I visited. Modders beware?