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    Speaking impaired app

    My mother is in the hospital after a really bad accident and has a shattered jaw. She is trying to communicate to us but can't. Is there an app out there that can help us communicate with each other?
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    Raspberry pi

    Has anyone used the raspberry pi for an arcade or any other cool things? I'm looking at buying one but want to see if any of y'all have used them before and your thoughts on them. Should I just buy a full kit or buy each part individually? Where would be the best place to buy one? I have seen...
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    Help with a weather tweak

    Yesterday my htc weather widget stopped showing the weather on my springboard. I am not sure what to do now. I have looked at the configureme.js in iFile and everything looks like it should. I have deleted and re installed it and still get nothing. Here is what it should look like. This is...
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    Piano passcode

    Very cool way to enter your password. I was wondering if anyone has come up with any clever pass codes. I have the Mario brothers set up right now. I would like the beginning of the office theme song but think it might be to long. Mario bro 333135
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    How to remove a Cydia app I didn't install?

    There is an app in my settings that I didn't download and can't find it in my packages through Cydia. I looked at every app in my packages in Cydia and couldn't find it. I also tried to find it through ifile with no luck. It's called btstack and I can only see it in my settings menu. How do I...
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    YouTube with monetized adds/Google AdSense

    Does anyone know an email or phone number so I can ask some questions about it. I have been doing this for just over a year now with no problems. I just hit my $100 mark and my check will be issued May 1. Ever since then I haven't been earning any money per view. Usually I'd earn about 10 cents...
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    The what app/tweak is that thread

    If you are looking for an app, tweak, theme or add on and you are not sure what it's called post it here and hopefully someone knows what it is.
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    Help: How to troubleshoot in Cydia?

    Anyone have any tips on troubleshooting in cydia? I am having lte speed problems and I'm not sure what app/tweak is causing it. I put my phone into safe mode and ran a speed test and it was up to par. Then I exited safe mode and ran it again and the problem was still there. I have tried removing...
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    Y! Conversations

    I just checked my email and saw a new tab called Y! Conversations. Anyone else have this in there yahoo email? What is this, what is it for and how do I get rid of it. I looked in my mail tab in the settings but didn't see anything about it. If you know what it is or know how to remove it please...
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    You Tube subscriptions not updating

    Is anyone having problems with YouTube and the people they subscribe to? I haven't received any new videos from the 50 or so people I subscribe to. If I tap on there name and look at there videos I can see them but it won't put them in my new video tab. It has been like this for about 3 weeks...
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    New/best Cydia apps/tweaks.

    I am looking through this section and all I see is help threads. Wanted to know if anyone has any new apps/tweaks they are using. As of now here are a few that I am using. Htc weather - live wearher widget on screen. Quick google - double tap the click for a google pop up. Delete mail - can...
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    Let's see the fonts.

    Wondering if anyone changes the fonts after jailbreaking. If so post up a screen shot. I am looking for a good cursive font. If you know of one post up. My back to the future 2 font.
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    It has been a while.

    Whats up eic OT. It has been a while since i have been on(seems like years). I have been on other forums and busy with learning and modifying my car. I will be in here more as work is slow and i miss the eic ot.
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    Yahoo mail folders?

    I am wanting all my emails from this forum put in the same folder every time I get a reply to a thread I have posted in. How do I do this on my yahoo account? I have looked through the settings and didn't see anything.
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    Name that stone

    I have a crap load of this sitting in my garage. Anyone know what kind of rock this is and is it worth a damn?
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    4.2.1 and iMovie.

    Is anyones iMovie jacked up after 4.2.1? I will put a new clip in imovie and it will put another movie I didn't want into iMovie. I have some movies I'm still editing and it gives me a exclamation point. what's going on this is so annoying.
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    Justin TV

    Does anyone use this app? It's live tv for most things NFL, MLB, NBA, ufc ppv i can go on and on. There is another one that I know of called stickam. Sometimes it takes a few times to get a good cam but when you do it's solid. It got a 5 star from me. If you know of any others like them in the...
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    Coin frenzy

    Anyone play this? I am almost done with the free one. 290 is the most I have even had.
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    Is this eic?,17693/?mobile=true
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    My new white iPhone 4.

    It's everything I wanted.