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    Lifeproof case

    Just placed my order through! Actually, wife and kids did, for fathers day! Can't wait!
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    White iPhone discoloration

    Like everyone said, I think it's the invisishield. It will discolor after a while.
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    Our boxer Boozer. My kids' bodyguard. Haha
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    AT&T otterbox defender case for 5$

    man! Missed out on this! This would have been great with my kids wandering hands, lol
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    Enter to win the Kinetic iPhone 4 Case, Billet Aluminum iPhone Case System

    love to get one becasue its sexy! blue for me please
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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    i would love to win because i love to win. simple as that! haha
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    i need a new case please! haha thanks!
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    OtterBox Commuter Belt Case

    thanks trd....
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    OtterBox Commuter Belt Case

    I was going to ask this as well. Anyone know? Something that is like the defender clip. Not a leather one
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    My LED flash isn't working!

    that happened to me also. just make sure it really isn't working by turning it on using video camera mode. if it doesn't work take it in to Apple and they will give you a refurbished iPhone.
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    Otterbox Defender!

    ATT has exclusive colors. Was there yesterday and they had black silicone with pink plastic and black silicone with blue plastic.
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    these look better than the bumpers... hmmmmm...
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    Camera flash won't work on iPhone 4

    same thing happened to me, flash stopped working within 3 days of release, went to genius bar and they replaced it no hassle.
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    Anyone insterested in inexpensive hard cases look here.

    I got these cases also, they feel and fit great! 8 cases for 11 bucks shipped to your door is not a bad deal, haha. you can see some of these same cases at the stands in the mall and they sell them for 25-30 EACH
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    What firmware?

    Buddy of mine got his and his gf iPhone this past Saturday at the Apple store in palo alto and they both had 4.0.2. Sucks for them but atleast he got his phone. Lol. Bro inlaw got his 2 weeks ago at ATT store and it had 4.0.1.
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    Just got my new case today!

    I had te orange bumper, returned it because it was way to bright. The plastic portion was okay, but te silicone portion of it was way too light and bright. Thinking about just picking up a black or white one though. Maybe even the tpu bumper replicas that they have on eBay. Hahahahaha.
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    iMovie question for iPhone 4

    Hopefully they will update the app to add this feature and add the capability to cut scenes also
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    iPhone Addiction?

    We sold our HD camcorder, lol. Just because the iPhone HD video recording and because we would have our iPhone on us constantly to capture whatever we wanted. We don't own a laptop anymore because of our iPhones. Hahahaha
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    When using your phone, does screen go black?

    Hmmm. I haven't had the issue. But wait I got mine replaced because the flash wasn't working. Might have to be te phone? I would go to Apple and let them know. They have replacements in stock
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    When using your phone, does screen go black?

    I had this issue. After I reset my settings under settings-general-reset- reset settings it started working one again.