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    Saving Twitter videos... need help

    Saving to camera roll is a problem for iOS when you use native Safari browser. But if you use Apps like Documents by Readdle which have built in browser and visit the website, mentioned above, you can save your video to camera roll. First, your video is saved to a local app directory, but then...
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    Saving Twitter videos... need help

    did you try this twitter video downloader? You won't get banned by Twitter. Noone will find out how you downloaded your videos. But use it only for your personal needs. That will keep you safe.
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    did you contact the developer of that app? sometimes such things happen and the app needs to be updated to start supporting the latest iOS version
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    iPhone 6s Transfering photos

    what do you mean by "be careful" ? Transfering photos is a simple operation. There is nothing to worry about
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    iPhone 6s Random pausing of music?

    I had a similar problem after updating to iOS 11.0.3. when I connected to my wireless speaker the audio playback skipped and often disconnected itsel. The latest version of iOS should fix it.
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    Anyone familiar with pay pal?

    It's a common way to lose the money and your blue rays ) Do not have any deals with a person without confirmed address