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    iTunes card/App card

    Can a regular iTunes card be used to puchase apps on iTunes? I know I have seen app cards but I want to make sure there is no difference before I purchase one. TIA Patti
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    Macobserver: MMS Coming on Sept 25 AT&T promised iPhone users they'd get MMS support by the end of the summer, and it looks like the company finally plans to deliver on September 25. Apple said that MMS, or multimedia messaging, would be supported in iPhone...
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    What is icon?

    Anyone know what this new icon on my phone is? It's in the upper right next to the blue tooth icon. It's blue and I think supposed to represent a phone, but to me looks like an easter basket! Just appeared today...everything is working as usual! Patti
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    BEST screen protector

    I found the best screen protector I have it on for a few weeks and no scratches or glare. I just boughtit for the front and use a separate case around it. Adds no bulk!