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  1. Tex

    Mysteriously wet

    Apparently condensation off of a glass of ice water was strong enough to permiate my case, and get into my 3G. I still am puzzled at how this has happened. Turned that bad boy off (dim screen seemed to be the only issue, but I didn't really risk playing around with it to find out if other...
  2. Tex

    Epic Pen Fail

    DBag is trying to impress....well, those who are easily entertained by pen juggling.... What happens next is impressive however..... Loser. LOL.
  3. Tex

    Hey Cowboys fans....

    Suck on it. LOL.
  4. Tex

    The Professor Brothers

    Some of my all-time favorite adult cartoon comedy: Not on you tube, and can embed apparently.
  5. Tex

    The perfect cup of coffee

    What's your brew? (NO LATTES, OR MOCHAS OR FRAP-CRAP. Just Coffee). Home Brew, or Store Bought? Whole Bean or Pre-Ground? Flavored or Non-Flavored? Half n Half or Milk or Black? Sugar or Sweetener? Personally, I used to drink my coffee as white and sweet as a sugar cube. That was years ago...
  6. Tex

    Welcome Back, Aenti

    After your record breaking flurry of an introduction to EIC (the same week I joined I believe), you disappeared. As you can see, even with my pretty consistant posting around here, I am still nowhere near your post count. (ha). We hope all is well, and I for one am happy to see you back...
  7. Tex

    2.1 Battery Life Improvements.......

    So, I have had my iPhone 3G running since last night. Woke up to a 3/4 charge. While updating it seemed to go back up to full by the time i disconnected arounf 9:50 (update was available, and started around 9:30 I suppose). Have had unplugged since 9:50-10:00am. It is now 1:30pm. 3...
  8. Tex


    Is the Samsung Instinct phone Ad that I just saw at the top of EIC. Go figure. What is up with that? I mean, verizon, I can understand, but the Instinct on a website devoted to iPhone? Irony at its finest. I am sorry, I had a good laugh. Perhaps it is just me.
  9. Tex

    What's for dinner....

    I am is my night to cook, and I have no idea what to make...All I have is ground turkey meat and Pork Chops....neither are that appealing, either. What's everyone else doing for dinner? Share your plans/ideas here.
  10. Tex

    Mike's Hard Lemonade

    It's a sad thing when all you have for a drink in your house is Mike's Hard Lemonade. What makes a beverage a "malt" beverage?....I should Wiki that. I took a free case of this stuff 2-months ago. I still have about 10 left. But, beggars can't be choosers........Cheers.
  11. Tex

    EIC Fantasy Football League?

    With the NFL season closing in on us, I just had a thought.....would anyone be interested in joining an EIC Fantasy Football League? I do not mind setting one up, and posting the links here....that is, if I can get at least 10 or more people to commit to playing. Let me know. I am already...
  12. Tex

    New Levels of Stress.....

    I am known for being overly worried, concerned and generally stressed. I am a worrier. Tonight, my wife and I, who recently just took one of the biggest steps in our lives and got married, just decided to take another big leap...We put in an offer tonight on what could be our first home. It...
  13. Tex

    DeMotivation Posters

    That's Gansta....LOL Post your fav. DeMotivational posters here.
  14. Tex

    House Of Cards Video

    I don't think you need to be a fan of Radiohead to fully appreciate how neat this video is. I, myself, have been a fan for years, and their most recent album (In Rainbows) has to be their best ever (hard to do with how good OK Computer an Kid A were). Last week, I saw a video for their...
  15. Tex

    App Not BackingUp/Tranfering from 3G to Mac

    So, I bought the Texas HoldEm game/App this weekend. Played GREAT once downloaded. I went later in the day....plugged my 3G into my MacBookPro. It started to BackUp, but when it went to load the App onto my MacBook via iTunes....the process froze. I restarted my 3G, and tried...
  16. Tex

    Taking my iPhone 3G to be replaced...

    Psylichon just HAD to point out to me the day I got my 3G that the plastic backing on my iPhone was jutting out slightly on the left side of my phone (which it is, and is somewhat annoying.....more likely b/c he pointed it out). Now it is annoying me to the point I want to go in today and ask...
  17. Tex

    Turn Off Email Notifications

    Normally this is not a feature that is difficult to find for me, but I am struggling here. I don't want an email notification anytime someone responds to any thread I post in. I can not find anything in the Options or Settings. Am I missing something? How do I make it stop? My inbox is...