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    I need quick response! Buzz sound from ear piece speaker

    happened to me but found a way how to fix it, if you tie them together at the half way point, from where the cord splits to the end, and then give it a magical kiss, kiss it and think its magical, then cut on the knot so that both ear pieces fall off, your problem is fixed.
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    Just found something neat with the earphone clicker..

    as a red sox fan, nine games and YANKEES BLOWWWWW btw chris i have lost all respect for you the same way i do with others of your kind (cough cough tinman) i think we need an option do not thanks people...
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    I have a phone call in my "Recents" timestamped 12/11/2013?

    you guys didn't know that one of the iPhone apps was making a call to the future?
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    upgrade hard drive?

    it replaced mine...
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    How old are iPhone owners?

    i worked for my money...
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    How old are iPhone owners?

    i am fifteen too
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    1. 24 hours 2. #1 in line 3. 8gig for me
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    iPhone's known bugs

    no just leave. now. never again. get out. now.
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    my friend is waiting in line for five hundred bucks...
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    iPhone Training to start Sat at your local Apple Store

    when i first read this i thought you meant training for the employees and i was like wait....
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    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    hey trippalhealicks how did you already survive iday if it didn't even happen yet?
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    Ok, I'm lining up.

    are you first in line? are there people behind you? jwww
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    why im not going to buy day 1

    did you ever wonder why the name of this site is "everythingiPhone." obv you are not going to find many posts comparing cell phones, because its EVERYTHINGiPhone...duhhh
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    What will you do?

    Not to sound negative or anything, but letss say that the iPhone is a huge dissapointment (i hope not) then what will you do? the two year contract...doesn't that mean that you are not allowed to sell it on ebay?
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    iPhone or MacBook

    i cant decide which one, i need some insight! help please?
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    In & Around Boston

    lol randolf is about 20 mins from boston i was joking lol
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    In & Around Boston

    lol whats up with nh wanting to be boston...first they name their airport manchester-boston airport, even tho its 1 1/2 hours away from logan, know spacerog thinks salem nh is ma as well.... lol :tounge:
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    how do you convert DVD into mpeg4 format?

    found one download the free trial of dvdfab platinum, it allows you to use the full software for thirty days, not just the "download the first five minutes" crap edit: i guess you cant post the link?
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    how do you convert DVD into mpeg4 format?

    i tried handbrake but it doesn't allow you to do commercial dvds :-/ o ya and dvd to ipod converter only allows you to do the first five minutes without buying it