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    Chance of wireless charging for iPhone 6

    I agree, it's definitely a great future feature. But it is actually currently available, and coincidentally there's actually a campaign running to fund this precise piece of kit. It's called the iQi Mobile. Invest $65 and you'll receive a charging station, and a tiny charger you plug into the...
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    I Thought I Could Resist

    I think Apple deliberately has withheld (surprise surprise) quantities of 32GB iPad Air stock. Or at least hugely underestimated demand for them. I've searched all my local stores, and all they seem to have is 64GB models. Perhaps I'll have to make the upgrade after all.
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    Sounds not working?

    Some apps and speakers lock the sound control themselves as they're incompatible with manual adjustment, you have to click the + and - buttons within the app/on the bluetooth speakers. Was it connected to any speakers at the time, is it intermittently connecting via bluetooth/airplay as it goes...
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    My cell vibrates after every 5-10 mins when kept in silent mode

    My aunt recently had this very issue - and I found it related to 2 factors: Her case was a snap-on case that attached to the back, and often clicked the vibration switch to and fro, wearing it down over time. And as a direct consequence of this, the switch ended up constantly toggling itself...
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    iPhone chargers are poor quality

    I must say the predominant issue for me is bending and deformation of the cable right where the plastic shielding ends on the iPhone side. Despite the fact that Apple lengthened the thicker plastic part with their Lightning chargers, I just find it now bends and deforms as soon as the thick...
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    What's the problem with it? Was it worth making the 5c?

    Surely its primary purpose was to provide to an alternative market a new, innovative product. Possibly teens or rich children particularly considering the larish colors, although I know numerous adults who also think it's their 'thing'.
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    Pebble or wait for iWatch?

    I've jumped in and gone with the Pebble. I know the iWatch will be just around the corner, and I'll probably be kicking myself, but oh well. The decision rested on Pebble's latest integration with iOS7 and its ability to provide all built-in notifications. Really an awesome feature.
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    iPad Smart Case - Apple has done it again!

    The thing is, I can't decide whether to go for this one considering there's very little room and it's a snug fit apparently. I need space for my thick screen protector - it's 0.4mm thick. Do you think there's enough space?
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    iPad mini 1 or 2

    The screen on the Mini 2 is impressive, but it's nothing to shout about anymore. I'd buy it just for the A7. I am a devout Apple fan, but just this once I'd have expected more considering their rivals' leaps and bounds. The gamut and colour on the retina display really isn't as good as it is...
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    Bodyguardz Pure vs. Spigen Glas.T Slim

    Really? I've had nothing but impeccable support from Spigen. However I've only used their thicker GLAS.t screen protectors - so I wouldn't cast their entire product line with the same brush! And I've found their cases to be pretty good too :laugh2:
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    Weather app on iPhone 5c not updating

    I had the same problem with my iPad this morning as well as last week. Clearly there's an ongoing issue at Yahoo!.
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    iPad Air cases

    I can't decide which case because I need it to be compatible with my glass screen protector also - which is pretty thick at 0.4mm!