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    Jabra Sport Pulse headphones + iTreadmill app

    Jabra's Sport Pulse headphones have an accompanying app (the "Life App") which uses GPS to track the distance of a workout. This is useless for people who use treadmills. I use an elliptical machine and the excellent iOS app, 'iTreadmill', which tracks my distance, speed, pace, calories, etc...
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    Storage Usage of a Specific App

    How can I find out how much space on my iPhone is taken up by individual apps and their associated data? iTunes only shows the size of the original download which is only part of the story. For example: I've installed iBooks and it's shown as 16MB but I've added hundreds of books so that number...
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    Note taking app that supports nested lists?

    I need a note-taking app for work which can handle nested bulleted or numbered lists. Evernote fails in this regard (even on the Windows client) and I'm searching through all of the iOS note-taking apps for one that supports it. Any recommendations?
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    Task tracking with alarms and schedule

    I've spent far too much time today looking for a task tracking app which can satisfy all my requirements and I'm yet to find the perfect app. I thought it was going to be simple, I was wrong. Features I need: Alarms Clear scheduling (view what's due today and tomorrow) Support for repeating...
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    How can I update iOS but not to latest version?

    I received a new iPhone 4 today. It's running 4.0.2. iTunes offers to update it to the latest version but there's nothing about 4.2.1 which appeals to me. I'd like to update to 4.1. Is there a simple way to do so?