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    iPhone 6+ touch screen unresponsive

    The past week or so I started to notice sometimes when I unlock phone and go to do something, answer a text or whatever it may be my phone would unlock but be unresponsive to any touch input. cursors would blink if text was open but couldn't type or scroll or tap to open anything. Home button...
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    Happy Easter! iOS 7 is here!

    Don't post much but the thought of iOS 7 looking all pastel colored reminds me of Easter and just don't dig it. The features seem very nice but then color schemes beg for ios7 to be jailbroke just to theme away the ugly colors.. Just my thoughts I am a knowbody but I do know I'm keeping my iOS 6...
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    help, lock button broke but want to keep jailbreak

    my lock button is acting up, don't work properly and is getting annoying. I am jail-broken and love it don't want to lose it, my ? is if i take it to Apple and they exchange it the possibility of it not being jail-breakable occurs, I have been tempted to try and repair it myself but then i could...