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    ApolloIM hits 1.0

    If you are logged on using Edge and go to the Home screen, does the client stay connected?
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    Anyone using that sunburst icon change thing?

    if you are talking about Dock 2.xx...i am using is pretty good and handy but don't use it too often...its hard to get it up on the screen sometimes
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    green iPhone!

    looks pretty neat and all but i don't think i could ever let someone paint my phone...i read a thread on hofo saying his mic wasn't working right after he had it done
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    New update iTunes message?

    Yeah. It basically checks for an update ever week.
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    update soon? looks like it.

    I agree. It's all speculation.
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    If you want Mp3 ringtones....check this out

    I have it and it works great and is really easy to use. There is a big thread about it in the "iPhone Software" section on the forum.
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    Update about Battery From Apple

    I would think that it could go either way. I think it would dependon the "average" brightness with the auto on compared to the brightness you manually set it to stay at.
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    I was hesitant to try the jailbeak method out, but I did try this out. It is really easy to use. It sucks that its $10, but better than those lame ringtones that were begenning to drive me up the wall.
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    SIMple question-what protects the silver trim? is supposed to cover most of it
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    My Clear Protection Solution

    I am actually going to do something pretty much the same as you did, but with different brands of products. I put a Martin Fields screen protector on the front of my iPhone, which is very similar to the iCrystal. It was a breeze to put on and can come off for cleaning and be put back on. I am...