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  1. mechanixhorseman

    iPhone unlock to go on sale this monday

    will the unlock really work? I haven't bought an iPhone yet because I work overseas, there for any phone that is locked is pretty much useless to me. Just waiting for a reliable unlock before I buy I guess.
  2. mechanixhorseman

    How important is an unlocked iPhone to you?

    Too much downtime overseas with a computer and a copy of photoshop...
  3. mechanixhorseman

    How important is an unlocked iPhone to you?

    Shameless bump.
  4. mechanixhorseman

    How important is an unlocked iPhone to you?

    Surprising response so far. I guess I had forgotten that not all that many Americans travel abroad very often. I'm American too but my work just requires it.
  5. mechanixhorseman

    Will the iPhone work with Microsoft?

    I'm going to go out on a limb here. It's pretty obvious that it will work with MS, but as with the ipod I'm sure it will be a lot more compatible and have a few extra perks when you use it with a mac. It's a shame more people don't have Macs anyways. I'm a computer tech in the Marine Corps...
  6. mechanixhorseman

    Should I wait until "iPhone 1.1" ?

    It's going to be too stressful trying to get the iPhone when it first comes out. I think I'm going to try to relax and be satisfied with what I have until I feel comfortable with what the iPhone has to offer. The phone itself looks very promising but I couldn't buy a locked phone, so I'd might...
  7. mechanixhorseman

    Should I heed this warning?

    Everything new has issues. I bought my MBP when it first came out and they still had the crappy disc drives in them. There were a lot of issues with a lot of these drives. It sucks but that's the price you pay when buying a release product. They have since replaced the drives in the MBP's with...
  8. mechanixhorseman

    What are you expecting from iPhone?

    My Motorola A1200 will suffice until it comes out. Then I'll get some hands on before I make my decision. It looks promising though. I bought stock in Apple for two reasons. The MBP and this.
  9. mechanixhorseman

    How important is an unlocked iPhone to you?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I'm new here as I'm sure many others are too. Anyways, how important is it really to you that this phone be unlocked in your purchasing decision? For those who don't understand the concept of "unlocked" it is when a phone is not bound by a single...
  10. mechanixhorseman

    3rd party stylus?

    My current phone (a motorola with a touch screen) has a little stylus in back of it, but I never use it for fear of looking like a tool. You'd be surprised at how accurate you can get with your thumb on a tiny little touch screen. I honestly don't think many people would go for the idea of a...
  11. mechanixhorseman

    Apps syncing with iPhone

    I pretty much only use it for address book and iCal, but you can also use it with iPhoto as stated already above.
  12. mechanixhorseman

    I am not familiar with iSync

    iSync just makes life a lot easier if you are always changing out your phones and sim cards and whatnot. I get at least thirty new contacts a month or so on average, between work and social life and when I lose a phone or a sim card or it just fries out, I have everything backed up on my PC...