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  1. Apple2112

    iCloud Keychain problem: Verification not working

    Hello, I have tried repeatedly to set up the iCloud Keychain on my 6 plus. I go through the process of "Approve with Security Code. Enter my Apple ID password. Enter my iCloud Security Code. I get the verification code via SMS. Enter the verification code. I let the phone sit there but...
  2. Apple2112

    Is AppleCare+ worth the money?

    My AT&T preordered 6+ will be delivered tomorrow. I don't live close to an Apple Store. Looking at the Apple site it appears that you can purchase Apple Care+ online. Is that possible if I purchased the phone from AT&T? It also looks like you can purchase it over the phone by doing a...
  3. Apple2112

    Case and screen protector for the iPhone 6 Plus

    I have been the proud owner of several iPhones. The 3G, 4, and currently the 5. The phones have always gone naked without any mishaps. My 6+ is scheduled to be delivered Monday 9/29 and I must admit I'm a little nervous about accidental damage this time because of it's shear size. I went out...
  4. Apple2112

    Ordered through AT&T still no phone?

    I ordered through the AT&T website the second the log in screen appeared on 9/12 (6+, 64gb, space gray). I received a confirmation email at 2:01 a.m. CDT. At 9:00 a.m.on 9/12, I received a text saying my status has changed to "preparing to ship". I have that same status to this day with an...
  5. Apple2112

    Pre-ordered on 9/12 still didn't get it

    Same here. Still showing 10/2-10/13 through AT&T. The trend I'm seeing is the 6+ 64 & 128gb in silver and gold are starting to ship. No, or very few, space gray.
  6. Apple2112

    Pre-ordered on 9/12 still didn't get it

    Same here. I had the AT&T site queued up about 1:50 am CDT. The site showed a count down clock. As soon as the log in screen appeared i blazed through the upgrade process; 64gb, 6+,space gray. I received the confirmation email at 2:01 am CDT. That's right, preorder started at 2:01 am CDT...