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  1. carolineBonnita

    iPhone 6s Will case fit both 6S plus and 6 plus?

    Most of iphone6 plus case fits for iphone 6s plus
  2. carolineBonnita

    iPhone 6s Will 6s cases fit a 6? Same size?

    iphone6 case can iphone6s. while iphone 6 plus case can fit iphone6s plus
  3. carolineBonnita

    Apple Smart Case for the iPad Air & iPad Air 2

    No, i have searched some information and found that the size of ipad air and ipad air 2 are different. So the case for iPad Air cannot fit for ipad air 2
  4. carolineBonnita

    What iPad Air 2 case are you buying?

    Once you want to find more beautiful ipad air 2 case, recommend you I have gotten one for my friend as gift, it is really great
  5. carolineBonnita

    5.5" iPhone 6 Case Mockup Compared to iPhone 5s

    Hummm. i still prefer small screen