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  1. Matt Reid

    iPad Av Digital Lightning Adapter

    I am looking to buy one of these. But I am unsure if it will work with the one certain app that I want it for. I have read that it does not work with alol apps such as rte player. My dad recently got an app on his iPad called HD Cinema from a friend in work and I was wondering if anyone knew if...
  2. Matt Reid

    Not Finding an update for IOS 8?

    I thought it just might not have arrived in Dublin yet but my friend next door to me has got it. I was wondering if this has something to do with it being jailbroken with Pangu? ~Hartly
  3. Matt Reid

    iPhone 6 Camera Functions

    Glimps of the iPhone also
  4. Matt Reid

    What are your favorite iPhone 5/5S Cydia Tweaks

    These are the ones I use: These are all free from Cydia. ~Hartly
  5. Matt Reid

    iPhone 5S - Shelves Wallpaper Problem

    I have an app called skins/iTheme and when I download the shelves wallpaper it always seems to bee off even when I toggle with reduce motion. Though reduce motions makes it look abit better the icons don't rest on them perfectly. Reduce motion off Reduce motion on ^ this looks like it's...
  6. Matt Reid

    iPhone 5 home button stiff

    It still works but only when you apply some pressure to it. It dosnt click like it's supposed to so I was just wondering if this is fixable yourself or how much roughly it costs to get fixed. There is no warranty on it as it is a second hand phone. Many thanks ~Hartly
  7. Matt Reid

    Free jailbreak for 4S 7.1.1

    Is there one? My iPhone is locked to Vodafone and I am looking for a jailbreak unlock so I can switch carriers. ~Hartly
  8. Matt Reid

    Will the iPhone 6 have an "S"

    I know they are most likely bringing out 2 models one with a bigger screen, but do you think they will bring out an iPhone 6S ? I am going to sell my 5s in august but don't know weather to buy the iPhone 6 5.5 on release date or wait for them to bring out a quicker version of the two ~Hartly