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    iPhone A/V cable

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    VOIP comming soon to your iPhone

    Sorry if this has been posted.....Engadget has an article about a British group who apparently has developed a beta version of VOIP software for iPhone. This is not that garbage like JAHJAH or the other phony VOIP offerings. VOIP iPhone
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    LOL! Do u want me to begin pulling up your posts about how there is "absolutely no way iPhone supports video out"? I hate to say it but your made yourself look like a major idiot.
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    What in the world?

    I don't know how valid that is either....I have very poor reception in my apartment but as the OP said, there are a few areas where the reception goes from no service to a few bars. I have noticed since I first got iPhone in june....the reception in my apartment has gotten significantly better...
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    Don't now why yours doesn't update.....mine updates within a second of going into a bright are darker area.
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    has anyone figured out the best way for Gmail?

    There is no real solution to this was said you can make a filter but it trashes everything sent from you. This is a major issue for me and others who want to archive EVERY email.
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    iPhone in the UK

    I am speculating that besides different wall chargers, the us, euro, and uk models are all identical, possibly to the point that the software is the same as well. I base this on the idea that having a single universal unit for worldwide distribution (with the exception of parts of asia) would...
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    Cant receive texts from Verizon users

    My cousin had this same problem when he set up a new ATT line....the problem took quite a while (5 days) to correct itself....apparently att and Apple both have no explanation why this is occurring.
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    Google Video Works on Your iPhone

    This was posted back in early really is not much better than the standard youtube app at this point because it still does not allow you to play flash encoded videos leaving you to the small h264 library plus a few extra google video results.
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    iPod touch being sold early?

    what the hell are you talking about? Apple stores have had them since early last week.
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    iPhone and your Privacy ! WARNING !

    Please provide more details this concerns me a great deal as I have exchanged numerous iPhones.
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    Firmware 1.1.1 soon?

    They have to give false serial numbers and IMEI numbers or else people could use those for their own purposes (unlocking, rebates)
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    Going to Germany - Advice on Avoiding a $5k Phone Bill?

    Why don't you want to take your sim out? If you want to use wifi the only way you can be 100% sure you wont receive any data charges is to remove the sim...
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    Wall Charger issue

    I haven't experienced this but I have talked to people at the genius bar who had the same problems.....just go there with your iPhone and charger and they will test to see what the problem is. They will just give you a new charger if that is the problem.
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    Almost Push Email - Instructions at BGR

    Just to clarify BB is not true push email....all it does is when you receive a new email...say to your gmail account, gmail notifies and sends a copy to the blackberry servers which send a copy to your BB handset. Not technically push email but the consumer in general would never notice the...
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    Edge (Speed) Vs. WiFi (Speed)

    I agree I have encountered many wifi networks that were much slower than edge.... FWIW, I have noticed DRASTIC edge data transfer and response time improvements in NYC.
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    Almost Push Email - Instructions at BGR

    This is not push email in the slightest.....the point of push email is to save the mobile device's battery....this just sets it to check every five min or whatever you specify....still just pull email.
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    STILL getting SENT mail with GMAIL!

    Same thing for me, this is by FAR the most annoying problem I have with iPhone....
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    Is the iPhone Dead?

    Have you been following Apple Inc since iPhone was announced? Following the announcement on jan 9th, Apple closed at $92.57, up from the opening price of $86.45. Since then it has risen to a high of $146 on july 26th 2007. They have great sales on their computers, ipods, etc, but the price of...
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    Is the iPhone Dead?

    I don't get it....what are you trying to say? The guy is right....the only reason the price dropped occurred this early was because sales were terrible....nothing personal