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    My Cydia keep on telling me this..

    Your attachment is not working properly. Please add it again.
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    Cannot download Modmyi apps in Cydia...

    It happens because of Repo's data refreshing process. You just simply need to update Modmyi repo by adding it again. Your problem will be definitely solved.
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    how buy app from Cydia

    It's impossible. Because, when we purchase any application from the store or Cydia, there is one specific account we need to use. So that application which we have purchased by using that particular account, that we can't transfer or install again to any other iPhone without an access of that...
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    iPhone 4S jailbreak issues

    Reset your iPhone with default settings, your wifi will work after that...
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    How to remove a Cydia app I didn't install?

    You can uninstall it from the cydia also, just go to the cydia » manage » packages. You will get the list of app which you have installed from cydia. Find the app which you want to uninstall, select it and click on modify. You will get an option to delete.
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    Looking for an App; Can't remember the name

    You might be looking for “activator”; its also allowing to do the same. You can get it from CYDIA...
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    Problems with Syncing and Restoring

    Restore your iOS. Once your restored it then try to sync your data from iTunes. It will work surely.
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    Velox - A new upcoming Cydia tweak

    Really nice tweak. Is it available for iOS 5.0?
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    How to remove a Cydia app I didn't install?

    I did all the things as you said but Btstack is still installed...
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    Otterbox Armor

    I have a iPhone 4S and I need a durable and stylish protective case for it. Is Otterbox Armor good for it.
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    WiFi on/off app

    There are so many such apps available via cydia, but for that you need to jailbreak your iPhone.
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    So disappointed by iPhone 5

    The internet speed of my iPhone 4S is slower than my iPad, though I am using same WiFi for both devices.
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    Fake iPhone 5S Photos

    Indeed it's a fake image of iPhone 5S, But it may look like this one.
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    Need a new case

    Check out cases from Otterbox as they are the best in durability and looks.
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    What's your favorite iPhone battery charging device or case

    I have a regular charger that came along with my iPhone 4S. Is there any better option to charge my iPhone ?
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    What is the BEST Belt Clip Case for the 4?

    I am searching for a durable case that can protect my iPhone 4s from getting any kind of damage.
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    Best iPad Apps of 2012

    Thanks for sharing the link regarding the best apps of 2012 for iPad. I already have some of these apps in my iPad and some I will get soon.
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    Best drawing app for iPad?

    My favourite drawing app for iPad is Adobe Ideas. It provides a wide range of drawing options and also syncs to Adobe's creative cloud.
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    What is your favorite iPad App?

    My favourite app for iPad is "DropBox". We can easily access our important data from anywhere using this app.
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    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    My vote is for angry bird and fruit ninja. They both are my favorite games.