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    What will you do?

    Not to sound negative or anything, but letss say that the iPhone is a huge dissapointment (i hope not) then what will you do? the two year contract...doesn't that mean that you are not allowed to sell it on ebay?
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    iPhone or MacBook

    i cant decide which one, i need some insight! help please?
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    how do you convert DVD into mpeg4 format?

    just wondering, because everything i have found you need to pay for, and i am looknig for a free program where you can convert commercial dvds... anyone?
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    anyone else sick of this?

    Is there a data plan? Are there going to be preorders? Is there going to be pay as you go? How are the activations going to happen? Which stores will be getting the iPhones when they come out? How many will be at each store? Are there going to be discounts for upgrades? Are AT&T customers...
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    how many hours?

    how many hours of video/music will the iPhone be able to hold? with 8gigs im think im starting to reconsider...
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    In & Around Boston

    Just planning ahead here like all of the other posts-- around boston MA theres dedham which is a company owned store... who else plans on camping out in boston and what time so we arent surprised with lines when we get tehre
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    Do I need to accompany 15 year old to buy iPhone?

    my son is 15 and is thinking about buying the iPhone. can u go to AT&T to buy it by himself or would i need to go with him to sign a contract for the phone?
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    Hey- this is my first post but ive been reading the forums for like a month now soo whats up now that we know when launch is does anyone plan on camping out? if not how early do you plan on getting there?